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Chile M.R.

e-mail: list@wwoofchile.cl
July 2011

web : www.wwoofchile.cl

phone : +56 (71) 686688

mobil : #9-91295033

Chile WWOOF List of wwoofer Herr Reiner Doll - membership nº 110831
This is a personal list, please do not distribute or copy it

It is recommended to have a health insurance, WWOOF is not responsible for you on your trip.
Even take you contact and be sure that you will be received in each farm before arriving.
It is very important at WWOOF movement preservation, that each wwoofer arrives to
host farm at time agreed only

Chile map with regions



(From South to North, by Region)

- XI Region (Región de Aysen). 44-49º SL (South Latitude degrees). Summer Dec. to March with temperatures
between 6 to 23
ºC (43 to 73 ºF) and frecuently rains. Winter April to October with a lot of rains and temperatures
between -10 to +14
ºC (14 to 57 ºF)

11.1 FELIPE GONZALEZ, Reserva Añihue 2008 (this year this farm joined in WWOOF)
Palena River, Patagonia. Region XI
10.000 has
Organic without certification
Crops: potatoes, lettuces, garlics, red beets, carrots, onions and others.
E-mail: ffgonz@gmail.com
Satellite phone: (56)- 2 - 1960293
Kids: yes (1)
Months: Usually November to March
Ecological Reserve located in chilean patagonia, in front of Raul Marin Balmaceda town. Lodging is in a big common house 1
hour from there, with 2 adults, 1 child and 2 dogs. Cooking and home works are in common. We receive 2 or 3 woofers at the
same time, sharing rooms. Jobs include: works with animals (pigs, chickens, sheep) to take care the garden, to fertilize, house
maintaining like painting or fence repairs, to cut firewood, fishing to eat, etc.. We look for people with energy who want to share
our style life, living and respecting the nature in a remote beautiful place.

11.2 ESCONDIDO. Mateo Verster (el holandés). Valle Escondido 2008
Puerto Raul Marin, Patagonia. Región 11

688 has.
Crops: 2 greenhouses, goats, ecotourism
e-mail: globetrottter@hotmail.com
web: www.chileadventure.50megs.com , there are not phones
Months: March to December
Languages: French, Germany, Dutsch, Japanese
Kids: 1
My name is Thomas, I am from Holland , I travelled around the world several times and came across this natural paradise
in Patagonia , Chile. I fell in love with the valley , the waterfalls , the untouched jungle (Cold Jungle) I am active and
enterprising , I need help building log cabins , perfecting my dams, turbines and windgenerators to make electricity. I
also bought materials to build a katamaran and heaps of tools for all kinds of mad scientist projects. I own this beach right
on the estuary. Plenty of fishing seafood , swimming kayaking and more. Dolphins and curious sealions often come spy
on us strange human beings . I heard a ferocious roar of a puma (american lyon) a while ago. All I need is a few helping
hands as the challenges of survival in pure unadulterated nature are many . Lodging in tent, meals rich in fishs. Come see .
Adelante. Bienvenidos! But I need wwoofers remain 3 weeks or more.
To arrive, take a night bus from Terminal de buses to Puerto Montt , leaves 7 PM arrives 9 AM (several lines ), fairly
confortable usually costs US$ 14 . Nice little town. Stay at one of numerous hostels, usually around US$10 a night. On
Saturday morning take a bus to Quellon (Southern tip of island of Chiloe) 6 hours, US$10. Only Saturday night 7 PM there is a
ferry (barcaza ) to Raul Marin Balmaceda, arriving 9 AM ( cost US$20) .......if you take a sleeping bag you might just sleep
comfortably on deck , but if raining stay seated in large room with lots fishermen and locals . Guard your belongings as you
would in any country. Arriving in Puerto Raul Marin B. contact Jaime Valencia who will direct you to "el holandés", Thomas
Mateo. This involves another ride in a boat ...perhaps with a fisherman heading that direction . There are no regular services in
this part of the world , relax ...time passes differently here .....

11.3 LUIS MIRANDA 2009
Nirehuao 507, Pobl. Almirante Simpson, Coyhaique. Region 11
12 has
Organic without certification
e-mail: lmiranda791@gmail.com
mobil phone: #9-96122919
crops: Familiar orchard
months: September to May.
Kids : No
another languaje : English

We are a little farm also dedicated to rural tourism. We have horses, cows, sheeps, chickens and two pigs. And we preduce
potatoes and other vegetables to house! We are 3 adults, two dogs and cat. We have available a room into house or a lot places to
camp if you prefer, one or two voluntaires. Meals served with family and we are open to diferent diets like vegetarians. The jobs
need will be in fram upon season. We prefer that voluntaires remain between 3 weeks to 3 months.

11.4 UN DESTINO NO TURISTICO. Marcelo Gonzales y Rocio Basalo. 2009
Camino Laguna La Manga km.2, Puerto Guadal, Region 11
16 has, organic without certification
e-mail: rociobasalo@hotmail.com
web: www.destino-noturistico.com
crops: Vegetables, comercial and wild fruits
months: all year
Kids : No
another languajes: English, Portuguese, Dutch

We are a couple, a spanish and a chilean who want to live in a sustainable way, trying to be a bit self-sufficient from the system.
We are not farmers, but we are learning every day. We are 290 km. south of Coyhaique, in Puerto Guadal, a little town on the
shores of General Carrera lake. Our land is 1,5 km from Puerto Guadal town. In this land we develop our project Un Destino No
Turístico and soon we will open an Eco Camping & Hostel, with composting toilets, solar shower, parabolic sun cooker, grey
waters system, bamboo geodesic dome....We follow some Permaculture principles. Next year we want to build a straw bale house
with green roof. We are starting from scratch, so there are lots to do: working in the gardens, building a greenhouse, collecting
firewood, chopping wild roses, building compost toilets and sun-hot-water system, keeping paths open, etc,.. Working in our farm
means physically demanding effort. Wwoofers work about 6-7 hours per day. During the morning work is always chopping wild
roses and in the afternoon you will work in different projects and tasks. We receive wwoofers from September to April
approximately and they can stay minimum for 5 days and maximum 10 days. We don´t have any extra room, so wwoofers bring
tent and sleeping bag and we share our kitchen-living room with. People with knowledge about Permaculture, bio-building, sun-
energy, grey waters, etc are specially welcome. We contact internet only time to time from public school.

11.5 CAMPO PEDREGOSO. Ingmar Lang and Veronika Schneider 2009
C/o Angulo, Errazuiz quinta 51, casa 2, Coyhaique, Región 11
Postal address: casilla 319, sector Rio Claro, Coyhaique,sRegión 11, Chile
75 has, organic
crops: vegetable, fruits.
e-mail: vm_sch@web.de
phones: 84960730 (Schneider/Lang) or 99789544 (Fernando Angulo)
months: All year
Kids: No
Another languages: German, English

The property is located 20 kms close coihaique, at the end of valle Rio Claro, a nice huge valley. about 25 has of graising area, in
the back 40-50 has natural forest. The whole property is surrounded in the front by a creek, and is bottom line of a big
mountain(1500 mts). At the moment very simple accomodation, like barn, tent, or container, depending on situation. Integration to
family life, daily routines and meals. We are a family of eight persons: parents and kids. This is a starter project, we are looking
mainly for two positions. male: building and technical background with no fear of manual working; female/male: teaching the
children, support household, take care of the kids. We plan to establish a small farm including sheep, cattle, chicken, horses,
dogs, as well as agricultural activities (greenhouse, etc.), later little tourism. Our internet access is very limited, only time to time,
and our phone is not easy to be available, but by our friend Fernando Angulo you can take contact us too.

11.6 Felipe Guajardo. Amor Es Salud. 2010
San Martin 631, Puerto Aysen , Región 11, Patagonia
2 has
Organic without sin certification
crops : potatoes, vegetables, medicinal herbs.
E-mail : permaculturasur@gmail.com
Mobil phones: #9-79903889
Months : January to November
Kids? : No
Another languages: English, Portuguese

We live in the city where there is realized natural construction, of ovens, art and recycling. There are two sites, one in the city and
other one to 8 km. in the field. Housing can be in tents or inside the house upon availability. The supply is jointly and the kitchen
is opened. We are a nice group of between 2 to 5 persons mas two dogs. Our philosophy is in the permacultura. We want to
receive with pleasure persons of different nationalities, wait approach with fraternal, friendly disposition and of sincere
spirituality. We possess a network of different farms of permacultura in several settlements of the region, as well as Aysen's cold
jungle, the basin of the General Carrera lake and Coyhaique, all the possible ones of remaining.

11.7 MINGALEGRE. Victor Teiguel 2010
Coyahique, Region 11, Patagonia

organic without certification, permaculture
2 has.
mobil phone: #9- 81553078
e-mail : mingalegre@gmail.com
Sitio web: http://mingalegre.bligoo.cl/
months: December to March
kids: No
Another language: English

A place in building, with natural inputs, organic orchard , trees and big mountain inside, springs and fall, native forest and
wanderfull scenaries, near Coyhaique city. A different place conected to Nature and happy to Live. We convite to build our
dream get togheter in this patragonic land, wildlife sanctuary. Lodging is in tent, in a place with trees. Mostly vegetarian
meals of organic orchard. Martin Hartman and Paz Hernandez reply at phone.

11.8 Cerro Huemules. Anahi huechan Quintana 2011
Los Caiquenes 1551. pob Prat . Coyhaique Patagonia, Región 11

2,5 has.
organic without certification
crops: no
e-mail : anahijabali2000@yahoo.co.uk
phone : 67-263230
fax : 67-212184
months: November, December, February, March, April.
Kids: yes
Another languages: English and French

Rectangular area with rocky zone in the bottom, lagoon and river of low flow. It is a precious place, with a natural swimming pool
of the river and is opposite a reservation of huemules (chilean deer). We are a family with three children and go the weekends. I
am constructing a small cabin for maximum 2 persons. It submits with bed and utensils to cook. Also we have an equipment of
battery to see TV or to listen to music. There is water of springs to drink, there is no electrical light. It hopes that the volunteer
works to improve the meadow, to extract trunks to be clearing the meadows. Also it is necessary to do "pircas" (small rock
walls) to separate sectors, to plant native trees and berries. I take charge moving them and in addition there is sign of mobil pone
. To come, from Coyhaique they are 19 km towards the valley of the Rio Claro and in forn CONAF reserve Cerro Huemules,
crossing 3 "vados" and 2 "tranqueras".

11.9 Melipal. Tránsito Rivera Foitzick 2011
Camino El Claro km. 2. Coihayque , Region de Aysen.
26 has
e-mail: anahijabali2000@yahoo.co.uk
phones: 99599218 mobil, and 67-244773
image: http://www.wwoofchile.cl/media/com_jforms/files/9d509/hae24/27/fd50.jpg
months: November to April
kids?: yes
Mountain farm with big surfaces and mostly plane. Good pastures. It has a house, a shed, two keepers place and corrals. All
ones a bit neglected by abandon. To arrive is from Coihayque city to Balmaceda road. ( international way) at near 38 km.
there is a cross to rigth hand. 2 km to up. House available with beds, kitchen and things to live til 3 people. The jobs are keep
weeds, tyo plane crops, sowing, to build greenhouse and take care livestock. Owner has no time to stay there, by another farm
(11.8) . Telling about before agree to limit expectatives.

11.10 Piti Palena. Rodrigo Parra Molina 2011
Pto. Raul Marin Balmaceda, Región de Aysen, Patagonia
5 has
Organic without certification
e-mail : roparram@gmail.com
mobil phone : #9-97112019
months: September to March
kids : no
another languages talked: English, Portuguese

We live on the coast of Piti-Palena estuary, where we have cleared a small spot in the cold jungle covering this isolated Chilean
Patagonia area entirely. The place is completely different from any other place you may have visited around the world. Time
seems to have remained static for the past fifty years here there is no pollution, and civilization has not reached us yet. The only
way to get to this place is by boat from a small village and port called Raul Marin Balmaceda. There are no highways or roads or
even paths, since the rainforest is too thick and hillsides are too steep to make way for roads. Access is along rivers and canals
only. We have room for up to 4 wwoofers in our place, which is located opposite the estuary. We hope the experience of living in
this place for a while, and working so close to our origins and to Mother Earth will enable you to develop new skills. We are a
couple endeavoring to implement a non-profit project aiming at sustainability based on resources coming from this land and this
ocean.Rodrigo speaks English and Portuguese moderately. He has lived here for 20 years. Beatriz will cook delicious healthy
food for us. We and the volunteers will work on and perform various tasks, such as fishing and smoking fish, chopping wood for
fire, preparing compost, clearing ground for cultivation, building greenhouses and other facilities, and the like. If you are
interested in coming, please keep in mind that this is a fairly isolated area. Fitness and adaptability are required to survive.

-Region X (Región de los Lagos) 40.1-43.8º SL. Summer Dec. to March with sun and rains, temperatures between 8
to 28 ºC (46 to 82 ºF) Winter April to Oct. with rains and temperatures falling between -8 to +14 ºC (18 to 57 ºF)

New XIV Region (Región de los Ríos) is included too

Carretera Austral km 3. South of Puerto Montt city. Region 10
25 has.
Organic no certified
Crops: Vegetables and glasshouse, milk goats and native potatoes.
Phone: 65-313969, mobil #9-97831355
Fax: 65-313969
Email: chukaos@hotmail.com
Months: September to May
kids: yes

To 30 kilometres of the city of Port Montt, following the Austral Road, one finds Bay Metri, small town of fishermen and farmers.
In our farm El Refugio you find a space of peace and harmony, of learning, of quietude, of interaction with the nature, with the
plants and animals. In the middle of a landscape of native forest one finds the garden where vegetables take place and look free

the goats, which are milked every morning. We have a house to disposition with all the facilities where it is possible to do
independent life. We receive volunteers from September to May, and do prefer in September and October, sowing time. The
works are related to the production of organic vegetables, milk extraction of goats, manufacture of cheese and others related to
the functioning of the farm. We are on the banks of the sea where it is possible to fish for shellfish and bathe, to 12 kilometres of
the farm one finds the Alerce Andino National Park with beautiful landscapes. We possess a natural lagoon with extraordinary
conditions for the swimming. To come it is necessary to take a bus in that it fences for the Austral Road, stoop in Metri in the
whereabouts of the Universidad de los Lagos, once there, it is necessary to walk 1,2 kilometres towards in opposite side of the sea
up to a black inner door. Lodging in tent.

10.2 CAULIN LODGE. Ines Hannig Stolpe 2008
Fundo Los Cisnes. Caulin rural s/n, Comuna Ancud, a 9 km de Chacao, Region 10
550 has
Ecoturism, no certificate
E-mail : ihs@caulinlodge.cl
mobil phone : #9-93301220
web: www.caulinlodge.cl
Crops: sheep, horses and land snails.
Months: September to March
Kids: No
Another lenguajes: English and German

Fundo los Cisnes, 550 ha of land, 350 of native forestry. We have a Ecotourism Center, with horses and walking in the
forestry. We are family of 3, with two dogs and cats and have 8 horses, a lot of sheep and geese. Wwoofers are need to help with
the cabins and the restaurant, garden and flowers, diferents ecological projects, sheep, mending fences, snails-farming, chopping
wood and other works. Lodging in a cabin with a capacity of 6 people. The wwoofers cooks their own food and have to by it in
the city of Ancud. Wwoofers have to have experiance in a farm. They will have the posibility to get to know a lot of the Chiloé
Culture and will have contact with local workers. We have a very nice place and a lot to do. Wwoofers have to be entusiasmic
and dinamic, good workers and allways interested to learn something new. Our dayly work depends of the weather and the

10.3 FUNDO LECHAGUA, Juan Ignacio Fogliatti 2008
Lechagua km. 6 Ancud, Region 10
300 has
Organic starting certification
Crops: vineyards, vegetables, wild pigs, birds.
E-mail: jifogliatti@gmail.com
Mobil phone: #9- 92180286
Months: all year
Kids: 1
Another language: English

Farm with 200 hectareas of forestry, virgin or managed, and 100 hectareas joining agriculture, with 3 has of blueberries 1 to 4
years old, and one thousend of vigneard plants, being the vigneard more southern of America. There is a orchards greenhouse
200 meters square. Also we grow exotic animals like wild pigs and birds. We are to 5 km. from Ancud city, concreted way
and to 200 meters from a beatifull beach (but water is too cold). There is a big principal house till 12 peoples availability, in
rooms of 2 and 4 peoples, and common bathroom. Cooking open or common, upon activities, with local and european meals,
principally sea foods and fishs. Into house lives the Agricultural Enginner and owner. There are two dogs out house; do not
permited animals into house.

10.4 REFUGIO MAWENKO, Venecia Olguín 2008
Sector Rural San José s/n, Castro. Isla de Chiloé, Región 10

Organic certified
12 has
Crops: orchards, raspberries, grains, compost, algaes colect, seeds, fruits, nuts, bees.
E-mail: refugiomawenko@gmail.com
Mobil phones: #9-92478048 / #9-85270438
Months: All year
Kids: 1

Farm located in Isla Grande de Chiloé. In 12 has. mostly with young native woods. By now we crop near 2 has. , with
greenhouse of 10 m.sc. each one, orchards, fruits like apples, plums and nuts; wheat and others grains, raspberries and honey
bees. The farm is inside the sea by south side. Own spring water. We have a special house to wwoofers, where easily live 6
people. The wwoofer´s house has cooking, bathroom, hall and two bedrooms (4 and 2 people each), with fire. Meals are
vegetarians and simple. The job´ soul is in community, and the meals go into that idea. One job in the day is preparing meals to
all people, turning on each day . We are a little family and we have a friendly female dog who care off the animals dangerous to

crops. We believe hardly in cooperation, community live and sustenable way getting to physical and espiritual evolution. Our
Project is more than organic crops, it is a live phylosophy that include meditation, art, healthy... We want grow in Concience,
fooding the Earth and using them. Honorifing to Elements..... We only ask 4 hours of communitarie jobs at day.....rest of the
day, free to get evolution....Farmers talk Spanish only.

10.5 FUNDO RINCON BONITO. Martin Gallardo 2008
Valle del Rio Ventisquero, comuna de Cochamó, Cochamó, Region 10
153 has
Organic without certification.
e-mail: ventisquerano09@hotmail.com
sathelital phone: (carrier 171 has been usefull) - 2-1960695
Crops: fruits, orchard, vegetables, prairies.
Months: August to April
Another languajes: English and Portuguese.
Kids: may be

Fundo Rincón Bonito is into Empresas Verde LLC Organic Farms. It is the more isolated farm joined Pumalin Park. Only it is
possible arriving it by airplane or horses from Llanada Grande. It is a mountain farm situed in a old colony farm. Organic and
animal force is used. There is availibility to two people in rustic but comfortable house with bathroom, warm water and fire
wood cooking. Also there is a lot of places to tents. There are not rules to prepare foods, each one prepare itself. There are
orchard with potatoes and also meet some time. In the farm work even 3 people, a manager (Gabriel) and two workers (Hector
and Roberto). In summer phe people get up, till 8 to grass tillage. We are working to develop a productive farm, with grains,
dehidrated fruit, wool and fine meat, all animal force done. It would be possible to receive children, but the travel to farm is
complex to them.

10.6 DOS CONDORES. Rudy Yefi 2008
Sector El Callao, Todos los Santos lake, Comuna Puerto Varas, Region 10.
Postal address : Rudy Yefi, correo Petrohué, Región 10
60 has
Organic without certification
Crops: Honey, cheese, vegetables
E-mail: none
mobil phones: #9-98382470, house #9-91016673
web: www.refugiodoscondores.cl
Months: November to March
Kids: no

Native forest of the national park and open space of the farm. To arrive, take a bus from Puerto Varas 1 hour, boat for 45 mins,
walking for 2 hour or horse. Next to San Vicente National Park, 2 hours of horse riding or walking to get to the farm, next to a
hot spring and Puntiagudo volcano. We produce 70% of our food and the rest we buy. We grow vegetables and have all kinds of
animals to care for. We produce honey, marmalade, cheese and home made bread. There is a little touristic house also, but it is
rented and the wwoofer must arrive with his tent. We prefer voluntaires to speak Spanish a little and be able to learn English to
us. Some voluntaire with skills in wood or leather handicrafts, able to learn us about it would be great! . We live in a remote
place in the same way as 50 years ago with no electricity, and not easy to go to town. We are hoping to meet people from all over
the world.

Coastal Road Pt.Montt-Calbuco, Región 10
hectareas : 70
certification : Naturally organic without certification
Cultivos : Fruits, vegetables, greenhouses
E-mail : tenionaturalreserve@gmail.com, cabanasputenio@gmail.com
Mobil phones: #9-74197943, #9-81761333
web: http://visitsouthernchile.blogspot.com/
January to May, Sept. to Dec.
kids: yes
Language: English
Our family farm/ranch is located in the heart of the peninsula
between Puerto Montt and Calbuco. Rolling fields, old forests, and
amazing views of five volcanoes make it an excellent place to get away
from it all. WWOOF volunteers would be welcome to camp as there are
several beautiful pastures and there is some indoor lodging.
Volunteers would be welcome to plant tree seedlings - The Tenio
Natural Reserve is dedicated to forest preservation and growth of
native trees (like the Tenio Tree). There is more to Southern Chile
than Pucon - Explore the difference! Puerto Montt, 657 miles (1,058

km) south of the capital Santiago, is the gateway to Chile's remote,
picturesque Patagonia region of glacial lakes, towering snowcapped
peaks, and volcanoes that are a magnet for adventure tourism. The
Tenio Natural Reserve, located between Puerto Montt and Chiloe in
beautiful Putenio, is at the heart of it all on your way to Patagonia!

10.10 ALIHUEN, Jeroen Beuckels. 2009
Chepu, Chiloé, Region 10
postal address: casilla 42, Correos de Ancud, Region 10

22 has
organic without certification
crops: trees, native potatoes
e- mail: jeroenbeuckels@hotmail.com.
mobil phone: #9-74 89 95 10
months: All year
another languages: English, French, Dutch and some German.
kids: No

Alihuen is a reforestation project in the beautiful valley of Chepu along the west coast of the island of Chiloé. So far there are
20.000 native trees planted and in 2010 a tree nursery was set up. In the organic garden there are different varieties of native
potatoes and vegetables together with fruit trees and berries. Wwoofers can stay in a refurbished farmhouse with three rooms with
each their private bathroom. Up to 6 people can stay in the wwoofer´s house. The work varies from tree maintaining to tree
planting, harvesting seeds, gardening and sheep herding. Wwoofers welcome all year around

Pureo Rural s/n, Queilen, Chiloé, Región 10
Organic without certification
Crops: honey and fruit trees
Mobil phone: #9-94112349 (recommended).
E mail: cristimira32@hotmail.com
Months: all year

We are a rustic organic farm with sea and river. We need help to our fruit tree orchard and berries, planting potatoes, fishing
salmons in sea boat, painting honey bee boxes, etc. Lodging is into family house, in family environment. I only can look my
e-mail when I go to the city, then it would be better if you tell me to mobil phone, in Spanish. To arrive to the farm is from
Castro city; Monday, Wesnesday and Friday at 14:00 hours starts a bus that put you in farm door. Also, by boat it is possible
to arrive in Thuesday by fiordo Compu.

10.13 AGRICOLA DOS ESTEROS. Juan Pablo Lloyd-Clare 2009
Casilla 1267, Puerto Montt, Región 10
Organic without certification
2 hectareas (5 acres)
Phones : 65-263420, mobil #9-8803 0634
Crops: Vegetables. Education Center.
E-mail: jplc00@gmail.com, tkehler@surnet.cl
Months: September to April
Kids : 1

Other languages: English, Portuguese
Two hectares (5 acres) of garden with a greenhouse and nursery, located near the city of Puerto Montt, adjacent to a community
center for pre-school children and their families. Lodging is available on the premises in a small apartment for a couple and one
child (max.) The apartment has a kitchen and bathroom with hot water. We are looking for an experienced gardener with
organizational skills who will be able to work autonomously and involve the children from the Center and their parents in the
agricultural process.

10.14 EL LIQUEN. Camilo Cordua Alvarez 2009
Las Delicias 255 Castro, Chiloé, Región 10

11 has
Organic without certification
Crops: forestry and vegetables
E-mail: camilometro@gmail.com
Phone: #9-88294430 (movil)
Fax : 065 634005
Months: December to March
Kids: 1
Another language: English

We are a marriage with two children, dog and cat. We are 8 km. southern Castro city. There are native valdivian forest, weels,
and baeutifull scenaries to Corcovado Gulf and Andes Mountains. Lodging is in a little rustic house with natural inputs made, dry
bathroom, wood cooking and weel water. Meals served get togheter with family. We want building an organic farm, natural buildt
houses, hartichokes jobs and live in armony with Nature.
10.15 Jaike Voeltz 2009
postal address casilla 426, Ancud , Chiloé, Region 10.
22,5 has
e-mail: jaikevoeltz@hotmail.com
phone: #9-97423280
months: All year.
kids: no
another language: Germnan
We are 20 km far Ancud city, in Chiloé island. We work a big vegetable orchard. There is an alone rustic house to receive
wwoofers. We prefer Spanish or Germany speakers, but if English speakers tell a little Spanish, it is OK.
10.19 Casa Goetschlich. Paula Lopez Boetsch 2010
Otto Bader 705, Puerto Varas, Region 10

Organic without certification
Crops: orchards
e-mail : paulalope@gmail.com
mobil phone : #9-89842213
Phone Fax : (65) 750519
All year
Kids? : 1
Another language: English
We have just bought a house that is a national monument also and try to realize an organic garden and to restore the house using
recycled materials. I am a psychologist, work with offenders of law. Brian is an Englishman, photographer and furniture maker.
We have a dog. Lodging is in piece into the house, and meals are served with family, do not eat red meats. We want to receive
help in make our organic garden and the house with sustentable inputs.

10.20 Hijuela Oriente, Lote 1. Anita Guzmán 2010
Chacaval, Osorno, Region 10
7 has
Organic en transition
crops: meadows, cattle, apples and orchard.
e-mail: guzmanvaldeaster@gmail.com
mobil phone: #9-94542633
web: http://aldeaelrefugio.wordpress.com/
months: all year
kids: yes
Other languages: English and French
The farm is located to 10.5 km from Osorno city. Scenary of prairies, creeks and native forest. We may to receive till 4 people,
lodging in chief house. Kitchen is open. In the farm lives chief and pets. We need people with skills in agriculture and
bricolage, to get restauration of old houses.

10.21 Parcela Nº 23, Cecilia Guineo 2010
Coipomó s/n. Ancud, Chiloé, Region 10
100 has
Organic certificate
crops: giant garlics, native potatoes, vegetables and fruits.
e-mails: ceciguineo@hotmail.com chiloeorganico@hotmail.es
mobil phone: #9-76184705
months: all year
kids: No
The farm is located at 32 km. from Ancud and 10 km. from Pacific Ocean, in Chiloé island. Scenary with meadows, creeks and
native forest. Lodging till 2 peoples, living in chief house, in single rooms. Family of 3 peoples, and dog pet. Meals served all
togheter in house. Family environment, we hope receive people good and respectfull. We recommend talking us by phone,
because rarely we can read the e-mails.

10.22 Fundo Dollinco. Katrin Runge Stark 2010
Fundo Dollinco, lote 3 s/n, Corte Alto, comuna de Purranque, Region 10
12 has
Organic in transition
crops: goat cheese, cow cheese, vegetables.
e-mail: praderasdelsurkatrin@hotmail.com

web: www.biblioredes.cl/granjadecabraorganica.cl
mobil phone: #9-94007949
months: all year
kids: no
Other languages: English and German

We are a 4 people family with a lot of pets, like dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, gooses and a horse that can be ridden. Our farm is
located to 9 km of Purranque city, in a beautifull scenary with with meadows, creeks, small lagoons and native forest. Housing
up to 3 persons into our house. Wwoofers may cook the lunch and they may take breakfast and dinner with the farmer.
We search persons that they like very much the animals and that they are interested in working in a rustic way.

10.23 Los Ulmos de Pilluco. Reinaldo Troncoso San Martín 2010
Cruce Pilluco, Ancud, Chiloé, Región 10
9.5 has
Organic certified
Crops: vegetables, apples, raspberries, currants and quinoa.
e-mail: grupoaraucaria.chiloe@gmail.com
phoness: 65- 489064 mobil #9-97827011
web: www.patagonianature.cl
months: all year
kids: no
other languages: English and French.

The farm is to 12 km from Ancud city for the road that goes towards the Pacific Ocean, and to 1.5 km from distance of Pilluco
corner road. The farm consists principally in soft hills with renoval of native forest and natural meadows. There are two sectors
of fruit-bearing gardens and cultures. We receive up to 2 persons in common cabin. Kitchen is opened. We are a marriage with 2
dogs of pet. From Monday until Thursday the volunteers live alone in the cabin and from Friday until Sunday they share with the
marriage. From March, 2010 volunteers are received.

10.24 Antumahuida. Luis Allende 2010
Ruta V-69 km. 40.8 sector Chaiquen, Puerto Varas, Region 10
5 has
crops: vegetables, fruits, cattle.
e-mail: luis_allende@hotmail.com
mobil pone: #9-77264074
months: October to April.
kids: no
Other languages: English, Portuguese.

We are located in northern Patagonia.The farm is 150 acres, of wich 75% is a second growth forest.
The managed area consist of 1 acre of garden with a greenhouse. There are several fenced pastures for horses, cows, goat and
gueese. I'm currently operating the farm by myself so I'm expecting help with food preparation and cleaning in common areas.
There are many outdoor activities in the area, e.j: Rock climbing, Hiking, Kayaking, Bird watching, Horseback riding,
Flyfishing, The ideal volunter is: Easy going, Willing to learn and share, A hardworker, and Has some organic farming and
basic veterinary experience ( but not required). Ongoing tasks include: Working to clear the pastures from blackberries.
Reparing fencing. Taking care of animals. Basic construction and maintenance of structures and facilities. Helping to prepare
meals. NOTE: To ask by possibilities of meals offered, be sure about it.

10.25 BABEL RURAL. Luis Bravo Contreras. 2010
O"Higgins 965, Castro, Chiloé, Región 10
1 ha and hostal in the city
Organic without certification
Crops: vegetables
e-mail: torredebabel1@hotmail.com
phones: (65)534569 , mobil #9-83112156
web: www.hostaltorredebabel.com
months: all year
kids : No

In 1 hectare we are constructing a burner restaurant, paths, bridges of access, bioconstruction and wind systems, we are in an
average stage of construction. Housing is in common cabin with bath, heating and kitchen. A neighbor is the manager of the
preparation of the food, the dining room is in his house, in the night we cook in the cabin, we are not vegetarian. We are 4
persons, some fishermen and producers of smoked salmon, to whom it is possible to accompany them in his work, Luis is the
owner of a hotel in Castro city, where it is possible to rest the weekends. In winter it is important to bring rubber boots and water
caps. There are preferred volunteers who speak Spanish.

Mauricio Mora. Hostal Maura.
Juan Jesus Molina 77 , Cochamó, Patagonia, Región 10
4 has.
organic without certification
phone : #93349213
e-mail: maurok@live.se
crops: greenhouse, meadows
months: May to October
kids : No
another languages: English, Portuguese

Ecological hostal located to 98 km. from Puerto Varas in a environment with thermas and rivers. The owner has lived for
many years in Sweeden. We want to build domes with inputs from the same place, and also a big greenhouse. To arrive, there is
bus public transportation 3 times at day, starting from Puerto Montt, a two and half hours travel. Jobs required out and into
house, with crops, animals, greenhouse, carpentry .

10.27 Taller Comunitario Bonifacio Newen. Cristobal Subiabre 2010
Bonifacio s/n, Valdivia, Region 14
1 ha
Organic without certification
Crops: potatoes, vegetables, medicinal, grains, nursery, etc.
e-mail: cristosubiabre@gmail.com
mobil phone : #9-83631629
All year
Niños: 1
Another languages: English, French, Portuguese, German.

We are a space in which there are a group of families in order to learn and to work joined, rescuing ancient knowledge on the
nature. The works are agricultural, but also we work with wool, wood, basket-making, music, medicine, natural kitchen,
community library, greenhouse and other things. The housing is in the workshop, in a shared bedroom, which can shelter up to 8
persons comfortably. Like we are a place of very much forest, the possibility of the housing does not discard in tent. We cook all
together, and eat together too, principally products of the garden, fishs , algaes and seafood. We are a group of families, but
habitually in the workshop we remain a pair with son. We have a cat and some hens. It is a wonderful place where even abundant
native forest stays, on the banks of the sea in the mountain chain of the coast, to 40 minutes of Valdivia's city. We are very happy
to be able to share and learn with persons of other cultures, this way to grow joined towards a renovation of the humanity, for the
revolution of the nature and the great spirit of the universal fecundity.

10.28 Gerd Lindemann 2010
Frutillar casilla 130, Region 10
0,5 y 10 has
Organic without certification
crops : vegetables
e-mail : gerd_lindemann@hotmail.com
mobil phone: #9-99200507
months: March to a November
kids? : No
aAnother language: German

We have twenty acres farm with livestocks and horses - land mit rindern und pferde. Lodging in single room into family house -
einzelzimmer. mit der familia. 3 mature people in city house and marriage with children in farm house -. Schlafen bei aelteres
ehepaar,Bauernhof mit ehepaar und kínder. Volunteer must have skills to ride horses, desirable like a cow-boy. Interesierte
person hoffentlich mit westernreitkenntnissen.

10.29 Javier Cea. Ecoturismo San Carlos 2010
Santo Domingo 175, Purranque, Región 10
Organic without certification
e-mail : javecaa@gmail.com
phones : mobil #9-78540057 , house 64-351601
months: September to March
Kids : No

We are a family with three boys. The property is in a coastal sector mountain chain of the coast, in an isolated and very beautiful
place, near beaches and forests of larch. We have a cabin up to for 6 persons, and we are constructing others for tourism, also a

greenhouse. We need help in these constructions. From the farm, it is possible to visit an indigenous nearby community. The
arriving is from Purranque.

10.30 Granja Ecológica Rio Blanco. Amparo Allende y Alejandra Freund 2010
Ruta Puerto Varas a Ensenada km. 36 , Región 10
Organic in transition
Crops: dairy milk, cheeses, pigs, vegetables, fruits, forest.
hectareas : 200
e-mail : amparoallende@gmail.com
web: www.quesosrioblanco.cl
mobil phones : #7-7755060 , #8-7451828
months: all year
kids : No
Another languages: English, French

Agrotouristic and dairy farm, where handcrafted cheeses take place, the whey retrains to feed porks, there are greenhouse and
organic intensive gardens, birds and educational paths for the cold humid jungle bordering on a river for 3 km from extension.
Spectacular sight. There is space up to for 6 persons in common cabin, shared piece every 2 persons, shared bath. The meals are
principally of products of the field, and the volunteers will owe car to cook and to be kept the house clean. We are a local, simple,
cozy, professional people and efficient, many-sided and very creative. We search volunteers to work the garden, to open paths, as
tourist guide or monitor, to help in it milks and production of the cheeses and different works of the field.
10.31 Granja El Putran . Maria Antonieta Uribe Molina 2011
El Rosario, Calbuco, Region de los Lagos
organic without certification
0.6 has
crops: chilote garlic, vegetables
mobil phone: #97668990
e-mail: productos_organicosrosario@hotmail.com
months: December to March
kidss: No

We are near of coast, in Region 10 De Los Lagos, Calbuco comuna , sector El Rosario. We are a big family and we may to
receive till two wwoofers in our house. We hope help in garlic harvest and farm jobs. To arrive there is public bus transportation
from Puerto Montt - Calbuco , get down in pasaje Caracolito , walking to the beach, and to ask to ferryman (balsero) by
Antonieta Uribe. We speaks only Spanish, and the emails are received by a cousin, out of farm. Then, it is good too calling us by
phone. We prefer to receive couple of wwoofers together.
10.32 Casa Canelo Sustainable Living Project. Kit Nuzum 2011
Parcela B3 La Laja, KM 4, Puerto Varas. Region de Los Lagos
organic, without certification
has: 1.2
crops: greenhouse, chickens, compost, hops, berries, beer
phone : #8 852 36 44 (mobil)
e-mail : kit@orcasonline.com
months: all year
kids? : no
another language: English

Our project is housed on just over 1 hectare of land carved out of the valdivian rainforest, with a beautiful view of volcanoes
Osorno and Calbulco. The goal of our project is to create a self-sustaining property. We have chickens, a greenhouse, and compost
piles to improve the soil. We have a weaving studio. We started a small-scall artisinal beer brewing company onsite and are soon
hoping to produce our own hops and raspberries. We have a guest room in a separate building with a private bathroom including
shower. Currently the guest room has one bed suitable for one volunteer or a couple. We are hoping soon to outfit the guest room
so that it would be suitable for up to four WWOOFers. We expect our volunteers to be respectful of their living environment and
clean up after themselves. We want WWOOFers with a" buena onda"!. Volunteers will be helping with caring for the chickens,
weeding and maintaining the greenhouse, maintaining the compost piles, aiding with beer brewing, helping to grow hops and
raspberries once those projects have started, and making bread and pizza. We are looking forward to exchanging sustainable living
and preparedness technologies and ideas. WWOOF Office Note; In this farm be carefull in agree your meals
10.33 Caviahue Restaurant. Viviana Montecinos 2011
Sector Huichahue bajo Km 33 carretera T 207, desde Valdivia al sur. Región de los Ríos
Organic without certification

has: 1
crops: vegetables to restaurant itself
mobil phones: #9-85429750 #9-81569134
e.mail: restorancaviahue@gmail.com
all year
kids?: no

We are a marriage of Luis (62) and Viviana (53). We have a restaurant named CAVIAHUE, "meeting place" in mapudungún
language, built of wood and stone.o y piedra and mapuche design. We are at 33 km. of the nice Valdivia city, in a countrie
place. Together there is a mapuche ruka to receive tourists. Also there is a organic orchard to give vegetabloes and grains to our
restaurant, and medicinal herbs like mint, matico, salvia and others. We hope help in improve the orchard and open the restaurant
all days, situation imposible without wwoofers. The voluntaire will work in greenhouse, orchard, customers and new ideas
provided. Lodging in cabin inside restaurant and the meals are provied there. We need long stay, one month or more.

10.34 Los Ciruelillos. Sergio Caro

Yaco Alto km. 5 Isla Quihua , comuna de Calbuco, Región 10, de los Lagos
Organic certificated
4 has
e-mail: sergiocaro2003@yahoo.com
mobil phone: #9-85145827
crops: meadows and livestocks, vegetables, orchard
months: June to October
kids: no
8 acres farm located on a island of lake. 6 of them with meadows and livestock, one with forestry and another one with
orchard and vegetables. I receive till 4 wwoofers in my house. I live with one relative more pets. I need basic help in orchard
and fornitures. To arrive fom Puerto Montt city, take the bus to Calbuco, one hour trip, and another bus to Yaco Alto y Yaco
Bajo, half hour trip, the house is to 150 meters from the road.

10.35 Siempreverde. Tracy Katelman 2011
Pucon, Region 10
100% organic
2 has
crops: greenhouses and orchards
phones: 45-443403 mobil #9-8 183 3213
e-mail : tracysiempreverde@gmail.com
months: July, August, September
kidss : no
another language: English

We have 2 hectares from 20 minutes of Pucon city with 3 greenhouses and a very large garden. We are producing organic plant
starts for a new eco-green business we're opening this spring . Lovely guest cabin with one double bed, with bath and shower.
Mini-kitchen in the cabin, main kitchen is shared in our house. We are a family of two people with 3 dogs and 2 cats. We work
with several other people in the business who will be here occasionally. We need help this winter starting seedlings and taking
care of them in our greenhouses and the potting them for sale this spring (August). We can provide room and at least 1 meal a day,
depending on the hours worked per week. Looking for 1-2 women (earth mamas!) to come in July and August to help prep for the
opening of southern Chile's first organic gardening and green products store. We have a wonderful, cozy guest cabin, but only 1
double bed in it, so 2 would have to share it. We live in a gorgeous place, and there will likely be snow. If you love to ski and
garden, this is an ideal project for you! To arrive, 4 km from the International Road between Pucon and Currarehue. A bus runs
on the international road regularly. Us and many neighbors go up and down the hill. To free time, near we have the wanderfull
Villarica volcano, with ski available, and a lot of thermal washes, the Trancura river to rafting, and the international
touristic Pucon city!
10.36 Fundo Los Maitenes. Matthias Lischka 2011
Quilanto km. 4,6 Puerto Octay, Región 10
Organic certified
500 has
crops: beef cattle, lambs, vegetables
e-mail: matthias@willnet.cl
mobil phones: #9-98836130 #9-65330049
anothe languages: German, English
all year
kids: yes

We are a family with 3 children and we work in livestock and lamb production. The farm is in a place with wanderfull scenaries,
near mountains, rivers and lakes, fecuently rained. Lodging is in separate house with 3 bedrooms availables. Help required is in
all farm season jobs and desirable any skill in vegetable production to help in join a orchard.

-Region IX (Región de la Araucanía) 38-39.3 SL, and 14ª Region (Región de los Rios) 39.3-40.1 SL. Summer Dec. to
March with sun and possibilitie of rain, temperatures between 10 to 30
ºC (50 to 86 ºF). Winter April to October with
rains and temperatures falling between -8 to +15
ºC (18 to 59 ºF)

9.2 FUNDO EL ENCINO. Pia and Ignacio Gallegos 2008
Near Los Sauces city. Region 9
has: 1000
Organic: no
Bussines: polo horses, some crops, nut trees.
Mobil hone: #9-79425413
E-mail : ruakarider@yahoo.com pia.gallegos@telmex.com
Months: all year
Kids: no

I am horse master with polo expertise. I have 70 horses and I need people who enjoy work with horses, specially womans who
want to play polo and prepare new horses. We play polo all days and we need people who have skill in it to play together.
Also there are crops with non tillage method, but I am looking for wwoofers that love horses. Lodging is in family house, 2
people max. We talk German and English. By familiar reasons the switzerland wwoofers are specially welcome.

9.5 KILA LEUFU. Irma Epulef 2008
Puente Cabedaña, Pucón, Region 9
Organic without certification
Crops: Orchards, weath, cows and others farm animals.
Mobil phone : 9-8764576
E-mail : agrokilaleufu@gmail.com
web : www.agrokilaleufu.cl
Months: All year, specially in summer time.
Kids: No

Farm also dedicated to ecotourism, located from 30 minutes of Pucon city, managed by mapuche family. We grow orchards,
milk, cheese, butter, weath and bread. Lodging is in a available room to one person into head house. Meals are with family,
and there are vegetarian availability. Family environment. We prefer a english or german speaking ladie, with some Spanish skill,
who can also help in spoken traslation to tourists and drive to town. Only one wwoofer single is required. We need each
wwoofer stay one month or more.

Km 104 ­ Carretera Internacional Paso Pino Hachado, Sierra Nevada - Lonquimay ­ Araucania, Región 9
460 has
Organic without certification
Crops: prairies, native forest, horses
E-mail: loncopatagoniahorse@gmail.com
Mobil phones: 9-2830846; 9-7892097
web: www.loncopatagonia.galeon.com
Months: October To March
Kids: No
Other lenguages: English and German

La Puntilla is a mountain farm covered by native forest snuggled in the outskirts of the Sierra Nevada close to Conguillío
National Park, that we are beginning to transform into a private park for nature conservation. We have a picnic and camping
place and offer trailriding.
Herb garden, greenhouse, raspberries, botanical path, compost, effective microorganisms (EM), permaculture. Lodging in farm
house, and meals served with farm family, two peoples, biochemistry (mother) and student (daugther). We prefer Spanish,
English or German speaking ladies, we need people that like to work with horses (natural horsemanship, pat parelli and similar

9.7 LOS COPIHUES. Teresa Edith Gutierrez Castillo 2008
Huitraco, Comuna of Curarrehue, Pucón, Region 9
21 has
FSC Forestry Certification
Crops: Forest, meadow, potatoes, oat, vegetables.
mobil phone: 7-4448888
e-mail: edith_princ19@hotmail.com
Months: December to April
Kids: 1

Farm with native forest, meadows, sowings oats, vegetables, pigs, horses, and the help of a pair of oxen. Our needs with the
volunteers' help are principally to sow and to be employed at the familiar garden. In addition, rural tourism is done and in this
equally we need help. Nearby there is the river Relicura, where it is possible to swim, also there are nearby ways and paths to
cross, thermal baths and lakes. We can receive till 4 volunteers in our house. The kitchen is common and used with fire wood.

9.8 GRANJA KUCERA-KRAUS. Molly March 2009
Maite Alto, km 22 Camino Reigolil, Curarrehue. Región 9
A lot of has
Organic without certification
E-mail: mollymarch@hotmail.com
Crops: apples, garlic, hay, indigenous trees, pigs, cows, sheep.
Months: October to March.
Our farm is located in the Maichin river valley between Curarrehue and Reigolil. We have mountains, river, grassland, apple
orchards, garlic, gardens and native forestry. Also many animals such as sheep, cows, horses, oxen, pigs. For lodging we offer a
place for camping, and meals served with the 3 person family. The jobs are varied. To arrive, take a bus from Curarrehue. There
are no vehicles and no telephone. For now, contact must be made with email: mollymarch@hotmail.com. Fredi and Edelweis
Kucera Kraus, Maite Alto, km 22 Camino Reigolil, Curarrehue, Region IX. Note: In this farm, some wwoofers have claimed for
high level of work, without free days. Be carefull in tell about before to agree the visit. Jan. 2011.

9.10 CAMPO EL LAUREL, Cris Délano 2009
Campo El Laurel, Candelaria Bajo, Pucón, 9 Region
P.O. Box casilla 6, Pucón, IX Region
e-mail: crisdelano@gmail.com
Ph. 6-2486233
Message to Martita, Hostereia cole, ph. 45-441675
Months: November to April
Kids: No
Another language: English

14 has homestead 6 km from Pucón, the town. With organic vegetable garden, flower garden, orchard (apples, cherries, plums,
chesnut) and native trees. Also a few sheep, chickens and 4 lovely dogs and 2 horses. Public transportation arrives to 3 km.
from farm. Lodging in a workshop off farmer´s house.
Meals mostly vegetarians and lamb sometimes. We offer to give two meals at day or food to cook when I am not there. (most of
the time is more) If garden gives as much as it should we will eat splendidly. Everything is shared. Help needed in a variety of
farm jobs, vegetable garden, flower garden, orchard, cutting grass, repairing road, fences, etc. We prefer people with experience in
organic gardening, composting, natural way of dealing with insects, and people with environmental inclinations.
I need people who are good workers and who like working in the campo. We get up early and work according to the needs of the
little farm, and according to the weather. For the mountain land (another campo of 500 has.), I need 2 people who are interested
in mountaineering, who love the old growth forest, to make paths (senderos). From December to April because it might snow. I
show the volunteers, the area, either taking them to places or guiding them where to go. I expect the volunteers to be tidy and help
with the dishes if I cook, to be creative, cheerful, helthy, honest and with good feelings towards the Earth and beings on the Earth.
Age does not mattaer. In the area there are volcanos, mountains, lakes, rivers, hot springs.....There are National and private Parks.
A spectacular area to get to know Chile.

9.11 Erika Pilet 2009
Huincacara, sector Voipir Seco, VILLARRICA Region 9
Organic in transition
12 has.
E-mails: xavier.pilet@wanadoo.fr , kika.pilet@live.fr
Phone: 8 862 99 28
Months: all year
Another languages; English and French

This proyect born in 2009, our idea is make an organic farm with orchard, fruit trees and a lodging house in order to realizing
ecologic tourism. We are in kilometro 15, Huincacara, Voipir Seco. We lived in France untill 2010. The property is founded on
volcanic soils, good to cropping and native trees too. Permaculture is joining. Cooking is free and meals taken all people

9.12 Daniel Little Termas de Pangui 2009
km 15 camino Panqui, Region 9
12 has.
Organic without certification, tourism.
crops: greenhouse, native forestry

e-mail : panquihotsprings@hotmail.com
phone fax : (2) 1960380 , mobil 7-4787178
months: all year
Another language: English
Kids: 1
This is a touristic center named Termas de Panqui. There are 12 hectareas with native forestry, river and fall. Little hotel and
guest houses, ecological environment with thermal swimming pools. Lodging is into little house, vegetarian meals in open
kitchen. Jobs required are in greenhouse, kitchen, cleaning and reception of guests. Phones works non regular way, usually it
works from 11 hours to midday only. Just now I seek a couple of wwoofers at winter 2011 like resident keepers Note: In
this farm one wwoofer has claimed for high level of work, and bad feedback with grower. Be carefull in tell about before to
agree the visit. Jan. 2011.
9.13 JARDIN DE PAZ. Juan Caro Muñoz 2009
sector Tracura ruta s-61 camino Icalma Melipeuco, Region 9

Permaculture, organic without certification
4 has
crops: vegetables y grains
mobil phone : 7-7272960
e-mail : trakura13.20@gmail.com
months: September to May
kids : 1
Familiar farm in balance with the nature also dedicated to the art. We work with permaculture, compost and organic
managements. We have three greenhouses, hens and a dog. We make our own natural shampoo, and have dry baths. In our farm
there is great quantity of native forest and great quantity of flora and fauna. We can receive up to 7 persons in tents, ask for the
availability of to use the common bath of the house. Meals are normal ones with emphasis to the vegetarian.
9.14 Nahuen Mapu. Patricio Castillo and Julia Schlitt 2010
Camino a Icalma km 18 s/n. Melipeuco, Region 9
organic without certification
12 has.
Crops: fruit, vegetables, forest, horses, etnotourism
E-mail : julia.schlitt@gmx.de
mobil phones: #9-94927598
web: http://newen-mapu-turismo.blogspot.com/
months :Octobre to April
Kids? : No
Anothe languages: English and German
We are Patricio (chilean) and Julia (german) who are living at the farm all the year. Our farm is located on a hill 18 km from the
village "Melipeuco" to 20 km. from "Icalma" sourrounded by the beautiful Andes mountains, which means despite we have
electricity, we don´t have phone conection or wifi at the farm (if you want to stay with us, write or call at least 2 weeks in
advance). This isolation allow us to cultivate healty foods and you can enjoy the fresh-clean air and our fresh spring water. In
summer (oct.-march) you have public transportaion from and to Melipeuco and Icalma every day. Right now we have only our
houses with the kitchen and one room, so lodging generally is in tent, which you should bring with you, the bathrooms are dry
organic bathromms. Besides breakfast and supper we cook at least once a day, so that you will enjoy definitly three meals per day
which are prepared for all people in common and are generally vegetarian. Now the most interesting part, we are cultivating all
sorts of vegetables (potatoes, beans, onions, pumpkin, tomatoes...) and fruit (cherrys, strawberrys...) in an organic self-sustainable
way, also we have five horses and some native forest. Besides, cause Patricio is half mapuche, we are starting an etnotourism
project, which means tourism based on mapuche culture and traditions, therefore we want to build a camping space, more dry
bathrooms, a traditional "fogón" and some more things. So work consist of helping in agriculture and/or buliding our etnotourism
project. In your freetime, you can visit Conguillio National Park, Icalma lagoon, Llaima volcano or just relax in our beautiful
space. As we are located nearly in the national reserve "China Muerta" for sure you can do some awsome hiking trips.
Curarrehue, comuna de Curarrehue, Region 9.
3,5 has
Organic without certification
crops: Vegetables and grains. Etnotourism.
e-mail: cumiquir@gmail.com
phones: 9-1612665 9-0454241
months: October to December
Kids: No
We are a group of 8 womans that we live in indigenous community, and each one we work half a hectare, with vegetables and
grains in ecological conditios. Lodging to one wwoofer into a family house. Meals supplied by family, with kitchen available if
necessary. There are dogs and cats too. Before we have had experiences in to receive people from Europe.

9.16 Gabriel Curilef Punulef 2011
Mercado Fritz. Av. Acevedo 612, numbers 7-8, Villarrica, Region 9
organic with participative certification
10 has
e-mail: gab.clef@gmal.com
mobil phone: #9-83337631
months; March, April, May, October, November, December
kids? : No
We are a grower association mostly mapuche people, 14 families. We grow our farms with ecological technicians and we have a
shop in Villarrica city marke (Aviador Acevedo st. 612, locales 7 y 8 of Mercado Fritz), Lodginf offered is for 2 or 3 people, in
beds, also in tents during summer, to more voluntaires. Our families are usually of 4 to 6 peoples with pets dogs and cats, and
livestock, hens, sheeps, and another ones. In October and November the jobs are sowing and sheep hear cutting. From March
harvest of peas, quinoa, potatoes, etc. We hope wwoofer understand Spanish language. We have not to much facilities, like hot
water to shower, but we want to receive to wwoofers too friendly, our cultura is to feel yourselves welcome.

9.17 Siempreverde. Tracy Katelman 2011
Pucon, Region 9
100% organic
2 has
crops: greenhouses and vegetables and fruit orchard
phones: 45-443403 mobil #9-8 183 3213
e-mail : tracysiempreverde@gmail.com
months: July to September
kids : no
another language: English

We have 2 hectares 20 minutes from Pucon with 3 greenhouses and a very large garden. We are producing organic plant starts for
a new eco-green business we're opening this spring . Lovely guest cabin with one double bed, with bath and shower. Mini-
kitchen in the cabin, main kitchen is shared in our house. We are a family of two people with 3 dogs and 2 cats. We work with
several other people in the business who will be here occasionally. We need help this winter starting seedlings and taking care of
them in our greenhouses and the potting them for sale this spring (August). We can provide room and at least 1 meal a day,
depending on the hours worked per week. Looking for 1-2 women (earth mamas!) to come in July and August to help prep for the
opening of southern Chile's first organic gardening and green products store. We have a wonderful, cozy guest cabin, but only 1
double bed in it, so 2 would have to share it. We live in a gorgeous place, and there will likely be snow. If you love to ski and
garden, this is an ideal project for you! To arrive, 4 km from the International Road between Pucon and Currarehue. A bus runs
on the international road regularly. Us and many neighbors go up and down the hill.

9.18 El Porvenir. Ana Gallardo 2011
km 10 Villarica-Licanray way, Region 9
has: 14
crops: 0
e-mail : ana.gallardo.flores@gmail.com
mobil phones: #9-82348128 - #9-96179458
months: all year
kids: yes
another language: English

We are Francisca, Hans and our child Sol. The farm has 14,5 has (27 acres), half of them with native forestry. 12 families are
living in the farm, with orchard and greenhouse in shared areas. If more than 2 wwoofers arrive, will be necessary lodging in
tents , the place has dry bathrooms. There are dogs and cats too. Help is need in construction of fences, fitting out of ways,
orchards abd greenhouse. We are in km. 10 of Villarrica ­ Licanray way, in Cruce Cruz Blanca to walk 600 meters untill small
way aehading to Est. To walk 300 metros till a inner door.

-Region VIII (Región del BioBio) 36-38
º SL. Sunny summer Dec. to March with temperatures between 7 to 35 ºC (44 to
ºF). Winter April to Sept. with rains and temperatures between -8 to +15 ºC (18 to 59 ºF)

Parcela 42, Colonia de Monte Aguila, Cabrero. Region 8
80 has.
Organic certified
Crops: mosqueta rose fruit, blueberries, equinaccea, matico , basil, lavander, vineyards and vegetables.
Phone: (2) 2737989 #9-72121542
Email: camin@vtr.net gerardo.schlack@biorganic.cl
Web: www.coesam.cl

We are a vegetable essentials production company and also have some crops. We would like to receive wwoofers who want to
help us and who want to learn about working on a farm.
The farm is from 15 km of Salto del Laja (fall), with tourism hotel and beautifull falls and deer management. The crops have
ducks and gooses production to control weeds; also worm and humus production , and joining snails production to produce baba
to supply cosmetics line in our labin Santiago. The principal crop is rosa mosqueta, his production and development to supply
little farmers and ethnics communities. One room is building to receive a wwoofer.

8.5 EVA HAGWALL, Mermeladas Brita, PINTO 2008
Km 28 Camino a Las Termas de Chillán, Pinto. Region 8
Organic certified
2 has
Crops: Raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, raspberries crops, and jam engine. Also Coffe & kuchen and natural jueces
Phones: mobil 9-365 59 41, house (42) 197 36 14
e-mail: evahagwall@yahoo.de
months: December to March
Kids: to talking about

House availabily to receive people. She speaks spanish, sweeden, english, germany and some french. Enthisiasthic people is
neded to help in berrie crops, jam production and coffe shop (to drink coffe). Wanderfull scenaries near Nevados de Chillan
volcano and mountains, good to a lot of treaking. Farm easy to arrive in public transportation. We need each wwoofer remain
with us one month at least.

Manuel Montt 21, Bulnes. Region 8
Organic in transition.
Hectareas: 4
Crops: orchards
Phone: 42- 631811 cel :9-9159969
e-mail: jecarrasc@hotmail.com
Al, year
Kids: to talking about

I am retired and I have a 4 has. farm in Bulnes (south Chillan). I am working in order to make all full organic. I am learning
about and I hope receive people who give me help and organic information . House available to receiving wwoofer.

8.7 PUQUELEHUE, Andy and Carmen Ford 2008
casilla 25 Santa Juana, Region 8
5 has
organic 100%
E-mail: coihue1@yahoo.co.uk
Mobil phone: #9-94687998
crops: grapes, raspberries, strawberries, fruit tree orchards.
Months: All year
Kids: no
Another lenguaje: English

We have a 6 hectare smallholding near the Bio Bio river in Chile. We would like someone, preferably a couple, to look after our
farm for between 6 months to a year. We need someone as soon as possible. We will stay with you for a month or so til you settle
in and are used to the systems. We have a cow which is pregnant and will be milked every day when she has calved. We collect
her manure to make compost and we have numerous chickens some of which are indigenous to Chile and lay blue eggs. We also

have ducks which are ready to breed again soon. In the Spring (September onwards in Chile) we will be planting etc. There are
two orchards which have a mix of apples, pears, quinces, plums, peaches and figs plus a couple of nispiro trees and some sweet
chestnuts. We have 2 huertas and an enormous amount of raspberries and strawberries. We make jam with the fruits which we
sell along with the eggs and harvest the majority of the vegetables and tomatos for our own consumption. The place is isolated, so
no chance of internet, but there is a cyber cafe in the nearest town (30 minute drive) The water is crystal clear and there is plenty
of firewood which we use in our woodstoves to cook with and to produce hot water in combination with the passive solar water
heating panel. You can eat as much food as you like and you may even be able to sell some of the produce.

8.8 TURISMO RURAL Küme Amuley Chi Mogen. Jaime Huenchuñir Huenul 2008
Ponotro, Comuna de Cañete, Región 8

6 has
Organic without certification
Mobil phones : 9-1562049 , 7-6547721
E-mail : jhuenchunir@gmail.com
Crops: orchards
Months: all year
Kids: 1

We are a Mapuche family located to south west of Cañete city, 10 minutes from way in a place named Punotro, ("notro tree
place" in chedungun lenguaje). In the farm you will find wild fruits, lagoons and sea. We grow orchards, potatoes, weat, beans;
also chickens, pigs, cows, and fruit trees. Lodging is in 3 beds availables, and also is possible in tent. Common meals and open
cooking are availables. We use natural products, some ones own produced. We are a 4 people family with 2 children included,
and 2 dogs and cat. We prefer receive wwoofers with expertise in permaculture, biocrops, organic or ecology crops.

8.9 BROTES NATIVOS LTDA. Leticia G. Zapata Castro. 2008
Parcela 48 lote B, sector Los Naranjos, Santa Bárbara, Los Angeles, Region 8

4 has
Organic in transition
Crops and interest: nursery, compost, worms, education.
Mobil phones: 8-6923667, 9-9542516
E-mail: bnativos@gmail.com
Web: www.brotesnativos.cl
Months: all year
Kids: Yes

Educational and ecologic Center located 1 km. from Santa Barbara city. Leticia is the Principal and she lives in the farm. We
have a Sustaintable Natural Corner, like learning master unit, in 4500 square meters when we receive people of schools and
organizations in eco-educative-productive and ethnic-rural-touristic days, improving skills in worm production, compost,
glasshouse, ealthy plant imputs, and natives and medicinal orchard. We made soap, shampoos, cream and oils skin to leather
that are offered in our shop. We learn forestry production and environmental education too. To wwoofers there are two places to
lodge and we are availibility to receive groups. There are bus from Santiago to Santa Bárbara city. Note: This year 2011 we have
few money to offer good food, then we prefer to ask $1.000 (USD2) each day to improve your food.

8.10 Biomycota . Monica Cortez 2008
Portal del Sol Calle 1 casa 498, Chillán, Región 8
Lab and 6 has.
Organic certified
Crops: fungoes, goats
Phones: 42-271571 mobils 9-9-5549841, 9-9-4525558
Fax: 42-271571
E-mail: sra_monicacortez@yahoo.es
Web: www.biomycota.com
Months: from March 2009 and after
Kids: No

Comercial laboratory managed by her owner, who make pests and deseases fungus controlers. It is located in Chillán city, and
also there is a farm 12 kilometres far, joining like operative center. Lodging in individual room with open cooking. The meals are
upon lab and farm job needs, it may be in different times each day. Prefered man with some skill in biological laboratory, help
in farm and learn some English. To arrive, it is possible by bus or train, and call to be pick up. Walking to lab is possible too.

Km. 12 Camino a Cato, Reloca, Chillán, Region 8
6 has
Organic certified
Crops: raspberries, wheat, vegetables
E-mail: rosmanichi@gmail.com

Mobil phone: 9-3450518
Months: all year
Kids: No

Organic farm located near Chillan city, with 2 has of raspberries, wheat and vegetables. Her owner is an agricultural professional
and she hope receive help in raspberries and vegetables orchards. To arrive in, there is public transportation from Chillan rural
bus terminal, in bus (micro) and taxi colectivo. Lodging is in ................
...........................................................................From Chillan city, the farm is near of Universidad de Concepción,
Escuela Agrícola CATO, rivers, mountains, termal sites and ski center.

8.12 ORGANIC FRUITS CHILE. Robinson Peña de la Fuente. 2008
Fundo Santa Amelia. Camino a Coihueco km. 20, Coihueco, Ñuble, Región 8
Organic certificate
crops: berries and asparagus. Frozen and export companie..
phone: 42-1976240 mobil 9-2208632
E-mail: robinson_leonidas@yahoo.es
months: all year
kids: No

Producer and exporter faro, it has raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and asparagus. Lodging is is farm house.
Near farm there are mountains, rivers, thermal and ski center, and the cities of Coihueco (little) and Chillan (big).

8.13 Rukatrunkai. Ricardo Orellana ­ Fabiola Salazar 2009
Colonia Bdo.O"Higgins, Chillán, Region 8

1 ha.
Organic without certification, permaculture
crops: vegetables, livestocks
e-mail: ricardo@permaculturachillan.cl , permakultor@gmail.com
mobil phones: #9-98486528 / #9-86083386
web: permaculturachillan.cl
months: all year
kids: yes

"Rukatrunkai" is "circle house" in mapuche language. We are a pemaculture learnt community, into a source economy (not
money ever). We invite to volunteers to going into our community by the time they want, a lot better. We built domes also.
More information is found in www.permaculturachillan.cl. Please sending the e-mails in Spanish.
8.14 Guillermina Aguilar

8.15 RUCAMAR. Ricardo Orellana y Fabiola Salazar 2009
Chacabuco 1000 ­ Cobquecura, Región : 8

Organic ­ Permaculture, without certification, 100% compromise
3 has
Crops: Biodiversity
E-mail : concienciasustentable@gmail.com , ricardo @permaculturachillan.cl
Mobil phones : 9-8486528 / 8-6083386
web: www.permaculturachillan.cl
Months: August to May (10 months in the year)
Kids : No
Tourism oriented family property, in procces to use all resources availables, cropping organic foods to family and selling.
Lodging is in room with private bathroom and entrance, inside the main house. Meals are ovolactovegetarian prepared by the
owners and served with everyone together. We are 3 adults, one child, 3 cats and a dog. We want to share the Rucamar
reactivation with an ecotouristic vision, also with a Permaculture basis.

8.17 Vyhmeister Farms. Bruno Vyhmeister 2010
Sector Canta Rana (Santa Julia), Los Angeles, Región 8
organic certificated
30 has.

crops: sheeps, blueberries, weath, lucerne
e-mail: brunovyhmeister@gmail.com , bvyhmeister@anasac.cl
mobile phone : #(9) 98722412
Fax : (043) 321767
kids? : Yes

The farm is located 6 km. from Los Angeles city. We have livestock, fruits and crops all year around, and do jobs to another
growers nearest. Lodging is in prívate department with all basic needs. Meals are possible of talking about to needs of wwoofer.
It is posible cooking alone or to use food of house. It is posible to receive till 2 peoples more kids. Kids are responsability of
parents only. The family farm and workers are growers of 100 years tradition, and our target is to produce healthy foods to
8.18 Roberto Hidalgo M. El Rulo. 2010
Parcela El Rulo, Fundo Los Galpones, Camino San Carlos-Nahueltoro km 15, San Carlos, Región 8.
Postal address (brother) Claudio Arrau 162, Chillán, Región 8.
organic certificate
30 has.
crops: raspberries, seeds.
e-mail: roberto_hidalgom@yahoo.es
móvil phone: #9- 96390285
kids? : no

Farmer businessman and Agricultural engineer, who pleases of talking. It lives with his family in a rustic house inside the field,
where one will lodge the volunteer as a member mas. The field remains withdrawn from the city and far from public locomotion,
but there are houses in the neighborhood and the landscapes are very beautiful, with river and forestry. Help is waited in crop and
pick weeds of raspberries and other labors of the field. Wwoofer must put in agreement to be gathered in San Carlos. Make the
contact in Spanish.
8.19 Danilo Barahona. Parcela Orgánica 2010
Camino Chillan a Coihueco km. 20, Coihueco, Región 8.

Postal address (brother) Pedro Aguirre Cerda 114, Chillán, Región 8.
organic certificated
10 has.
crops: raspberries, seede, vegetables
e-mail: no
mobil phone: #9-95372988
months: December, January, February
kids? : No

Organic farmer from many years ago. He lives with his family in a little house into farm, place where meals are taken . To
sleep it is need to have a sleep bag into a tent or a room empty available. The restroom to use is into family house. There is
easy public transportation from Chillan city, from "terminal rural" taking a bus to "Coihueco", getting down in km. 20 where
"Danilo Barahona". Help requiered to pick raspberies, weeds and another jobs of farm. Farmer do not have internet, then
the contact is only by phone and in Spanish. Chillán and Coihueco are near cities, with easy public transportation from farm
8.20 Alma Ata Orgánico. Maria Gracia Canales 2011
km 30 camino a Cato, Chillán, Region 8
Organic without certification
2 has
crops: vegetables, fibers, apples, livestock and shop
e-mail : mgracia79@gmail.com
mobil phone : #9-79960157
months: all year
kids: yes
Another language: English

This is a farm with organic apple production, livestock and organic vegetables, in 200 has all long. We are a family vegetables
producers and we love the dogs. Lodging is in a geodesic dome and room with bathroom. We need help in greenhouse,
vegetables, picking weeds, sowings, harvestings and shop in Chillan city. Our place is near of rivers and big mountains. To
arrive is taking a public bus in local Chillan city terminal.
-Region VII (Región del Maule). 34.8-36º SL. Sunny summer Nov. to March with temperatures between 8 to 34 ºC (46
to 93
ºF). Winter May to Sept. with rains and temperatures falling between -5 to 17 ºC (20 to 62 ºF).

Cauquenes. Region 7.
55 hectáreas
Organic certified
Crops: Vineyards
phone: (73) 560 020
Fax: (73) 512 274
Email: fzuniga@lomasdecauquenes.cl
Months: all year
kids: no

Cooperative company located in Cauquenes, 360 km south of Santiago, 35 km from ocean. It includes more than 300 little
farmers posibilities to receive wwoofers. Production of organic vineyards and wines. Wwoofers with basic knowledgement of
viticulture, fungus diseases or wine production are prefered. Felipe Zuñiga is ahead of woofers destinations, and he requieres
that wwoofer tell him rigthly his intentions and expectatives in the firts contact asking visit.

Fundo San Gabriel, Coronel, near of Cauquenes. Region 7.
30 organic hectareas and another 3 Biodinamics
Crops: Vineyards, wine maker, vegetables.
Phone: 9- 818 55 02 (mobil)
Phone-Fax: (73) 263323
Email: rodrigodetoro@hotmail.com
Months: All year
kids: no

Isolated farm located in Coronel area, 15 km from Cauquenes. We joined in 2006 with biodinamic system (3 has vineyard)
and after another 30 has. with organic vineyard. Also we produce vegetables to house and worm humus. Help is wanted in
harvesting of grapes, post harvest crop analysis, and the possibilitie to command the farm some days. Also improving English
languaje skills of family. There are a house that owner use when is in farm. Biodynamic and basic knowledge of vineyards are
desirables. Long stay (one month or more) is required.

Valle de Flores, west of Sagrada Familia city. Region 7.
Organic certified
3 has
Crops: olives and avocados
Phone mobil: 9-98297883
E-mail: agroflorestal17@yahoo.es (agroflorestal17@yahoo.es)

Little farm located more or less 10 km East of Sagrada Familia, by Villa Prat road. Dedicated to olive oil production and a little
shop of organic food. Family house. Situation of wwoofers to talk.

Jorge Soto Yánez.
Patricio Lynch 39, Linares. Region 7
Permaculture and Organic.
Crops: Many fruit trees, horchards, herbs, native trees. Worm and compost production. Nursery and garden. Meditation place.
Dehidrated fruits, solar cooking
Phone: (73) 217295 movil: 9- 8155242
Email: agroconsulta@gmail.com
web: www.ze.cl/ayun
Months: all year.

Farm located inside Linares city, easy to access from bus terminal or train. We live in harmony with environmental and social
principles. Just now we are building houses for voluntaires and restrooms. December 2008 construction will be completed. In the
meantime the wwoofers will be in teacher´s house. Meals ventered about the season. Also we may visit others farmers of
neighborhood. Welcome all people to help us. Foreign voluntaires must send his or her reason for wishing to visit farm.

Javiera Fernández Vignolo.
Parcela 26 Los Maitenes Comuna Rio Claro. Region 7
70 has
Organic without certification
Crops: Berries (2 ha), flowers (0,5 ha), sheeps (60), honey.
Phones : mobil 8-4281307 - 02-2733153

E-mail : javierafernandez@hotmail.com
Months: All year
Kids: 1
Lenguajes: English, French, Portuguese

The farm is located in Los Maitenes, in the zone of mountain valleys of Maule Region, very close to 7 Tazas National Park. The
farm lies next to the river Claro and it has an attractive beach by the shore of it, shadowed by trees, that is very pleasant for
swimming. In our farm we have an orchard of various fruit trees and a vegetable garden for domestic consumption, and the main
productive activities are the culture of flowers (gladiolus) and berries (blackberries). There is also corn, wheat, oats, potatoes and
beans grown in the farm. We raise sheep for meat and a small production of wool. We have our own bee hives that produce
several pounds of honey a year. The small hen pen provides us with eggs and poultry for domestic consumption and apart from
these, we also have some horses, donkeys, pigs, turkeys, dogs and cats. The family is composed by a couple of agronomists,
Javiera Fernández and Michel Villaseca, their 2 years old daughter, Olivia; and their 6 months old son Camilo.
There is no housing for the WWOOFers, though we do have some tents and many places to set them. WWOOFers must bring
their own sleeping bags, camping matt We will provide food, bathroom facilities, and drinking water (from the deep well), as
well as hot water for showers (solar heater), a washing machine and electricity if needed. The activities of wwoofers may be
carrying out depend on the time of the year. In December, we harvest flowers, in January and February, berries. Apart from these
are the daily chores of year round gardening and orchard maintenance (sowing, weeding, watering, fertilizing, planting sprouts,
harvest), the feeding and cleaning of the animals, and the different improvements in infrastructure that every farm needs
constantly, such as the construction of fences, watering creeks, etc. Hoping that you like our conditions, and that your visit is
pleasant and productive, we bid you good-bye and hope to see you soon. To arrive by public bus, take to Molina (10 km south
Curicó) rural terminal bus on Monday, Wesnesday or Friday to 17:00 hour, bus to Maitenes; also can take contact with us to
accord find to you(rs). Liuquenco Farming Community

Camino La Montaña km 2,3. Las Parcelas, TENO, Region 7 2008
has: 5,5
Organic certified in transition till 2010
Crops: Blackberries and raspberries
E-mails: garate.ximena@gmail.com , xgarate@surlatcomercial.cl
Mobil phones: 8-2195759 7-4320447
months: all year, preferently summer
Kids: No

Farm located in Teno mountains, km. 2,3 from Panamericana; easy to arrive in bus. We are a marriage with two children and
dogs. We grow berries in two hectareas, also we are joining a shop inside way. There is a house available to wwoofers. The job
time must be talked before arriving. We need a lot of help mostly year, manual and administrative ones. We prefer people with
farm experience or skills. The farm is near river and mountains. Desirable is to take contact with farm 1-2 months before

7.9 suspended

7.10 FINCA ECOLOGICA LLAMAZUL, María de las Cintas Guerra 2008
km. 8,4 finca el Colo, camino Rabones, Colbun. Región 7.
8 has
Organic without certification
Crops: Permaculture, fruit trees, vegetables, medicinal herbs, poultries, vineyard, handicrafts
e-mail: llamazul.colbun@gmail.com , abora14_rbd@hotmail.com
mobil phone: 9-1072405
months: all year, preferently no in winter.

We are spanish family farm (from Canarias Islands) located in wanderfull Rabones valley, south orient to Linares city. The
family arrived to this place by his beautifull climate and scenaries. We live with our permaculture farm production,
handicrafts, natural medicine, poultries, etc. Also there are rabbits, cuys, birds and dog. We received wwoofers in Canarias
Islands years ago, but we speak Spanish only. There is a familiar environment and mostly vegetarian meals served all family
togheter. We do jobs to improve organic movement. The farm may be a health center too. To lodging only in a place to tent
with bathroom available, but there is a neighbor ´s house vacated and available to be rented (talking before). Internet centre
inside. Near of farm there are mountains, rivers, artificial lake and thermal centers. We prefer short stays. To arrive, taking
bus in Linares city bus Terminal, bus to Los Rabones, it going up to 11:30 and 16.30 hours Mon. to Friday and 13:30 in
Saturday. Asking to driver stop in "los españoles, artesanías, finca el Colo, km. 8,4". Nice if you calling us to our mobil
phone (91072405), few days before your intention to arrive (it may be one day before!). By internet may be too. We love to
receive wwoofers!

Camino a Miraflores, 9,6 kms. from Panamericana. Hijuela 385 Longaví, Región 7

50 has
Organic and biodynamic certificated
Crops: apples and orchards
E-mail: huaiquivilo@gmail.com miguel.elissalt@gmail.com
Phone Santiago: (2) 7074200, mobil: 9-8792670
Months: all year

Biodynamic farm dedicated higly to apples for export, also vegetables for seeds and food, and cows and gooses. Located to
south-orient of Linares city, it is arrived by Panamericana Highway, from Miraflores cross go ahead 9,6 km to orient. There is
public transportation from Linares city, Miraflores-Mesamávida ­Palomar bus (micros). Lodging is in rustic room, and it is
possible camp also. It is hoped that woofers take vegetable orchard and animal jobs, and help in apple orchards.

7.15 TREGUALEMU, Max Mills, 2009.
Camino Curanipe a Tregualemu, kilómetro 24, Sector "El Rey", Pelluhue, Región 7.
Transition into an organic farm.
(2) Two hectares.
Crops: strawberries
Telephones: (32) 2481705 , Mobile #(9)- 91626763
E-mail: cmmills@vtr.net
Websites: www.maxmills.com , www.entreacantiladosyaeropuertos.com
Months: September to April.
kids : No.
Another languages spoken: English and Portuguese.

Two hectares strawberry farm 180 meters away from the sea, in transition to organic. We are open to receive up to three
volunteers at the same time in our beach house, located in front of the Pacific Ocean. Wi-Fi Internet available. Cooking time is
open and without restrictions, but you are invited to share the family dinner on daily basis. Vegetarians and vegans welcome.
Nearest town Curanipe is 7 kilometers away. Wwoofers will be living with the strawberry farm manager and his dog, plus some
occasional visits, e.g. relatives and friends, but Wwoofers will have a private room. The job is basically hand-picking strawberries
everyday, between nine in the morning to one in the afternoon, depending on demand and weather. Consider the afternoon as free
time for yourself to enjoy the beach/surfing or to share your organic knowledge with other non-organic local farmers. The
strawberry farm owners are a local married couple in their mid 50's, who need help to hand pick the strawberries. Also, it is
possible to give organic lectures to non-organic farmers in the neighborhood. When you send me an e-mail, please, write in the
"Subject" box the words: "WWOOF in Chile-R7". If you do not do this, your e-mail will be automatically deleted to protect my
computer from Spam. Finally, since I am going to allow you to come inside my house, it is important for me to know the persons
who are coming. If you would like to see some pictures of the strawberry farm and the place where you will stay, click on the
following Facebook link:
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1023018631&ref=pb#!/group.php?gid=249158548920&v=photos" Therefore, be kind
in your application to include a recent photography (one picture for every Wwoofer coming). E-mails without photographies
will not be replied
. Thanks for understanding.

7.16 MARTA OYARZUN. Parcela Santa Margarita 2009
Los Maitenes sitio 6 comuna Rio Claro, Región 7.
0,25 has
Organic without certification
Crops: vegetables
E-mail : the.loretho@hotmail.com
Mobil phone : 7-7075667
Months: December and February

The property is located in a central place with a lot of summer activities. Lodging and meals in family house. To arrive Rio Claro
city, also named "Cumpeo", it is possible to take a bus in Curico city. Help is hoped in orchard jobs and ideas of voluntaires.

7.17 Agrícola Santa Aurora S.A. Eduardo Holzapfel 2009
Carmen 752 Oficina 404, Curicó, Región 7
150 has
100% Organic certified
Cultivos: Vineyards, cherry trees, vegetables.
e-mail: santaaurora@ctrmax.cl
Phone : 75-978324 , mobil 9-1619510
Months: August to April (9 months at year)
Another language: English

There are two propierties, one have vineyards, and another one with vineyards too, cherry trees, vegetables and gooses. We have
not own room to receive voluntaries, but it has solution in a "pension" (little external lodging). Meals in a restaurante into farm.

The voluntaries will work in contact with professionals and technicians, mostly young people. We have two Border Collie dogs to
help gooses management.

7.18 AGRICOLA LOS LEONES. Erica Alvarado 2009
Manuel Rodríguez 679, Linares, 7° Región.
30 has
Organic certified
Crops: berries and vegetables
e-mail: erica.alvarado@hotmail.com
Mobil: 9-3097180
Months: January and February

Farm dedicated to export blueberries and raspberries fruits. Owners are a family with young child and they live in Linares city,
where the lodging in family house is offered. The farm is moreless 20 km. from Linares city. Help in wanted in picking berries,
time to telling about before arriving, but to arrive to farm it is necessary the family car. Help in improvement English language
skills of child is desirable. We may receiving till two wwoofers of equal generus (two man or two woman).

7.19 CARRETONES. Marco Yavar. 2009

7.20 FINCA EL CASTILLO. Raimundo Serrano 2009
Camino a Rabones km 8,9 Colbún. Región 7
3 has
Crops: vegetables and some fruits
Organic and biodynamic without certification.
e-mail : raymondjsm@gmail.com
mobil : 9-8609763
months: December to March
kids? : No
Other languages: English, French, Germany
We are a family of six members of all the ages, located in the pre-mountain chain, inside the Ecoaldea de las Artes, organization
that looks for the sustentability and the personal development across the art, the auto sufficiency, the ecological agriculture,
among others, and a garden for the internal consumption. It is possible to lodge in a cabin, tents or rooms according to the
availability of space and the activities that are realized in time. Vegetarian nourishment with milk, eggs and fish, diet balanced
with sporadic presence of some white meats. We want to receive persons with good disposition towards the art, the culture, the
ecological thing, with attitude collaborator. To arrive similar to farm 7.10

7.21 Parcelita del Espino. Emanuel Canales Fuenzalida
Camino Quirihue, Viña Adelaida, Parcela sin número, Region 7
2 has
certification: Red Eco-Chile, Instituto Chileno de Permacultura
crops: Intensive orchards and apiculture
E-mail : parcelitadelespino@gmail.com
phones: 8-4490486 / 9-3019302
web: www.parcelitadelespino.ning.co
months: all year
Kids? : 1

We are a project of community restorers and re-designer of the space across the permacultura; in an area of two hectares near
Cauquenes. In an ecosystem of areas very degraded of spinal and sheepherding. We want to manage to support to several
families in total harmony with the environment. We share volunteers' networks, experiences of design and varied courses of
permaculture others like horticulture, bioconstrucción, natural apiculture. Depending of the season and the conditions, the
housing is in tent or sharing a room. The nourishment is community, the volunteers can take own food separate if they wish it.
The diet is ovo-lacto-vegetarian. We are 8 people, 3 designers in Permacultura, 2 bee-keepers, 4 musicians, 1 draftsman , several
horticulturists, 1 instructor of Yoga, 1 traditional karate - do ... three autobuilders ... all the multifunctional ones, and two dogs.
Magda, Damián and Manu realize the works with the volunteers. The works that we realize, depending of them season, are
centered in three areas: - Organic Horticulture, Natural Apiculture, Car and Bio-construction, Managing and Recovery of Soil and
Efficient Use of the Water

7.23 Natasja Mulder 2011
Camino Los Rabones 8.500, El Colo, Colbun, Region 7
1,37 has
organic without certification
crops: fruit tres, vegetables
e-mail: natasjamulder17@hotmail.com

Mobil phone: #9-67010143
months: November to April
kids: no
another languages: English, German, Dutch

Hello I´m Natasja Mulder, from the Netherlands. I have my Little farm of 1,37 hectare, inside host farms 7.10 and 7.20. The
first part is plane, a part with water and the last part goes up in bush on a hill. At the moment I have only one cat, but in the
future want to have 2 milkgoats and chickens, my neighboor has bees. There are two rooms ready for 2 wwoofers, the wwoofers
will sleep in the house witch will be the residence for the tourists, at the moment it has only one toilet, and you need to take an
shower in the house of Natasja. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be serve in comun, its all vegetarian. You will be working 5
hours per day and the rest is free time, to enjoy :-) swimming in the river, horseriding, walking, going to the thermas and an lot
more. As well we will be doing activities together with other familys because we are just starting to live in an ecoaldea with 4
other families. At the moment there is no place for children or pets. one year ago I was wwoofing myself at the neigboors
(family Plasencia of Canarias islands) and I liked this region so much that I bought an piece of land to make my dream come
thrue :-) Builded my house and after that started with the construcion of an residense to resive tourist and give programs for
people with overweight. The work that you will be doing is mostly working in the garden, and in the bush, vegetable garden,
making an three house actually all sorts of jobs, because I want to make this place (even if its beautifull as it is) lovely, to make
it an great resort in an peacefull area. If you want to help me with this, you are more than welcome!

7.24 Quilache Turismo. Jose Madrid 2011
Camino a Rabones s/n, Lomas de Putagan km 1.5, Colbun, Region 7
6 has
organic without certification
e-mail: jose.e.madrid@gmail.com
mobil pone: #78243933
months: all year
kids? : No
We are 5 people, with dogs, 2 horses and 50 hens. We make fruits preserved and marmalades, all organic. Lodging is in our
house, but we are building best places. We may to receive till 3 peoples at time. Jobs required are of farm, fruit harvest, some
building, work with animals, etc. Anyway , the jobs will be acccording the skills of each wwoofer. We speaks only Spanish.
Call us from Linares. There are public bus from Linares.
Note: Our internet conection is not sure, some days it is out, better call me by phone.

7.25 Chez L´Habitant. Ecoturismo lago Colbun. Jantine Brandsma
Sector Colbun Alto, km. 10,5 Ribera sur del lago Colbún. Colbún, Region 7
Organic without certification
... has
Crops: greenhouse, vegetables / Lodge
email: Jantine.brandsma@gmail.com
mobil phones #9-84742951 #9- 96679162
months: all year
kids: no
another languages: English

We are a 4 people family, one dutsh, and we manage a tourism lodge inside Colbun lake, with wanderfull scenaries to lake and
mountains. We have wood buildings, restaurant, greenhouse, vegetables and cats and birds. Lodging is into house and tent in
summer. We need help in greenhouse labours, orchard, birds and farm. To arrive from Santiago, after Talca to south, cross
Maule river and go ahead to left to Colbun (Bobadilla) road, after cross Colbun town goa head again to left, way to lake (south
side of the lake) 10,5 km. Pictures and flames advise. We are interested in ecology and we hopr people interested in it. We hope

7.26 Ecolonco. Alda Toloza 2011
km 1 ruta Los Conquistadores (to coast), Region 7 del Maule
Organic certificate
8 has
crops: vegetables, tres nursery
e-mail : ecolonco@yahoo.com:
mobil phone : #9-92590344
all year
kids: no
16 acres farm located 20 km. to SW from Talca city. We are a marraiage of profesionals with a child, more dogs, some goats,
hens, rabits, and two horses. We produce vegetables, tres and ornamentals, also compost and agricultural inputs. Lodging is in
three rooms in separate house. We need help in to prepare compost, sowing, planting, harvest, pick weeds. It is possible to
learn to build geodesic domes by Greb technique. To arrive, taking a bus Talca to Cauquenes, and get down in Alto del Rio
stop, inside after Loncomilla bridge, our house is a dome looked high in the hill.

7.27 Huerto Manolito Salvador. Nelson Valenzuela. 2011
El Tránsito, Longaví. Linares, Region 7 del Maule
Organico in transition
1 ha
e-mail: nelsonhugo71@hotmail.com
mobil phone: #9-93117235
all year
kids? : No
another languages : English
Two acres farm with house adobe (mud and straw) made . We are two people, owne and worker. We crop raspberies and
fruit tres, and have hens. Lodging into house, with 6 beds availables.. Help is required in planting, fences repaiment, carpentry
and farm jobs.

7.28 Quinta Liucura Host Farm. Sergio Lizana Bustamante julio 2011
Quinta Liucura S/N, Villa Alegre, Región del Maule
Organico without certification
3,5 has
Crops: vegetables
e-mail: aserggios@hotmail.com
mobil phone: #9-82685182
months: October, November, December, January.
kids: no
another languages: English.
We are a family with 5 adults and child. Dogs, cats and rabbits also. We live in an old big house built in 1885 with many rooms
to lodge, and a big garden with araucarias and alerce trees. Villa Alegre (Happy Village in English) is a little city located south
of Talca. To arrive to the farm, from Villa Alegre take rout L-202 heading South East, i at km. 3. We expect help in joining
vegetable garden and to restore paint in the house. Also it is posible to learn the tipical customs of the place. The house is very
comfortable, with a beauty scenary, and we are sure that the wwoofer will have a stay very nice and useful.

-Region VI (Región del Libertador Bdo. O"Higgins) 34-34.8
º SL. Sunny summer Nov. to March with temperatures
between 10 to 32
ºC (50 to 89 ºF) Winter short June to Sept. with possibility of rains and temperatures falling
between -3 to +18
ºC (25 to 64 ºF)

6.2 Colmenares Pio Martin, Edith Patricia Elgueta 2008
Sector el Rosal, Lolol, Colchagua. Region 6.
Organic and Biodynamic in transition
60 hectareas with honey bee production in a native forest
mobil phones: 8-1473944, 6-2510025
e-mail : colmenarespiomartin@yahoo.es
Web : www.colmenarespiomartin.cl
Months: all year
Kids: no
Crops: honey bees biodynamic, vegetables, forestry.

The farm is in the sector Rosal de Chépica, 24 km from Lolol. It is posible to arrive by taking Los Robles Mayores road, see
more details on web page. The farm is involved with a native forest production program. Help is needed all year in the nursery,
planting and honey production. Lodging is in a single room, 3-4 meals a day with mostly of organic food. Wwoofer can visit
Santa Cruz city, Valparaíso or Viña del Mar, one can also hike nearby and contact other organic farms. Beautifull scenaries and
look points. E-mail is sown time to time, then would be better calling by phone in Spanish.


Fundo Santa Cecilia, Chépica, Provincia de Colchagua, Región 6

30 has
Organic certified
Crops: onions, squashs and others
Phone mobil: 9-7411167
E-mail : luar_62@hotmail.com
Months: January to April// August to October

Kids: No

Farm with orchards and esclerofital forestry with Acacia caven, Peumus boldus, Quillaja saponaria, Cryptocarya alba,
Maytenus boaria, Salix babylonica,
etc. By the farm runs a little river, and there are native animals, birds principally. Lodging in

tent. Foods provided by farmers (chicken, eggs, cheese, honey, spaghetti, rice, vegetables, bread, te, instant coffe, milk, etc). Farm
is located south Santiago , 3 hours in bus. Near is Santa Cruz city, lovely place with a wanderfull historical museum, touristical
train and the best Cabernet Sauvignon wine of the world. We hope till 4 people who are interested in spring and summer farm

6.5 GRANJA EDUCATIVA RIGOLEMU. Granja Agrointeractiva. Ximena Barahona T. 2008
Rigolemu s/n Pelequén, comuna Malloa, Región 6
organic without certificaction
26 ha
Crops: Vineyard, raspberries, vegetables of Seaton. Education.
E-mail : xbarahona2004@yahoo.es
Mobil phone : 9-5785284
web: www.viajesrurales.cl
Kids: No

Beautifull 26 has mountain farm with native forestry, hills with Acacia caven and water repres. We have 1,5 has with season
crops, flowers, farm animals, vineyard and berries. We are a family with one teenager, man and woman workers, pets, chickens
and other farm animals. We have availability till 3 bedrooms, 8 beds and 2 bathrooms, in a old family adobe house. Meals in
family and from zone. The jobs are upon season. Also we receive schools, familiar groups and others to visit us.
6.6 LOS CIRUELOS, Maria Victoria Vasquez 2009
General del Canto 30 (frente Comisaría) casa-v2-interior, Santa Cruz, Región 6ª

2 has
Organic without certification
e-mail: vikivasquez@hotmail.com
Phone : 72-932753 mobil #9-62513239
Fax : 72-932753
Crops: Vegetables and flowers, wines
Months: All year
Kids: 1
Another languaje: English

This is a 12 hectareas farm with 2 organic ones in a brand new organic project. There are birds and horses too. There is a house
with 4 bedrooms and 2 badrooms, and we make organic meals. To arrive it is necesary go down in Santa Cruz city and take
another small bus to Teno. We are 1 km. southern plaza of Chépica town.
6.7 Co­eXistenciA. Linkoyán Verdugo 2009
Los Alerces # 255, Lolol, Región 6
2 has
Self made man permaculture and ecological activist.
crops: olives, honey bees, vegetables and fruits.
e-mail : proyectocoexistencia@yahoo.com
phones : (72) 941344 - mobil 9-8-5354336
months: December to Jun
Kids No
Another language : English
Two has. farm with a new ecologic project with permaculture, garden, information and production included. Lodging is in
independent room into family house. Meals served together with house people too. Maximun 2 voluntaires at time.. Jobs
required in joining Ecocenter, garden and orchards. Public transportation is by bus to Lolol town. There are a lot of nice places
to walking around and knowing.
6.8 Diego Cáceres Ocampo. Pencahue_ lo romo 100 2010
Pencahue, Camino lo Romo 100 ( callejón oscuro), Region 6

Organic without certification
1 ha

Crops : peanuts, potaoes, corn and vegetables.
E-mail : diego.ca.oc@gmail.com
mobil phone : 9-8-9255150
All year
Kids? : No
Another language : English

We are near San Fernando city, in a familiar property of three members with animals of corral, irrigation channels and a wide
house. Meals assembled with food of the zone. The property is being lived 3 years ago and it has been sowed last 2 ones.

6.9 Pablo Rosales Rebolledo 2011
Litueche, camino a Ranquilco. Region 6
Organic without certification.
Crops: permaculture
1 hectarea
e-mail : pablosilver@gmail.com
mobil phone : #9-91650422
months: March to November
kids? : No
Another languages; English, French, Portuguese
This is a new permaculture center, with a house with one room to visits included. We are two brothers living in, one dog, and
another people of the project living outside. Help is required in learning house labours, ecobuilding techniques, organic
orchard. We are friendly people and we would enjoy to receive people who want to interchange organic knowledgments. To
arrive from Santiago, take a bus to Litueche city in Terminal Sur (Santiago principal bus station), go down in Litueche plaza
and call us to pick you.
6.10 Esti Rose Weiland B. 2011
Valderrama 523, Pichilemu, Region 6
without certification
0,3 has, garden
e-mail: esti_weiland@yahoo.com
phone (72) 84 29 46 , mobil #9- 92356875
months: October to May
kids: no
another language: English

I live in a house on 300 square meters of property, with my male dog and a hot tub. In the yard are plum trees, berries, shrubs
and a lot of weeds. Raised in Chicago, where I rented apartments, I have no knowledge of or experience with gardening and
would like someone to get me started. If the wwoofer knows how, he-she also can help with painting and repairs. I may be out
of town teaching English, my native language, so please call or write first. Lodging is in the living-room, and because the place
is not very prívate it is better for single people. Pichilemu is well-known for surfing, and I would accept a surfer, but no
smokers. Bus connections from the airport and Santiago are easy. Take the airport TurBus to the terminal, then transfer to
Pullman del Sur at the east end near the metro Universidad de Santiago. There's another terminal one block west where you can
also take the Nilahue line. Be sure to travel via Melipilla and not San Fernando, a much longer route, unless you're coming from
the south of Chile.

6.11 Parcela El Candado. Alondra Cáceres 2011

Calle Cadenas Sin Número (Cadenas St. without number), Marchigüe. Región 6
Organic without certification
Crops: quinua, weath, garlic, vegetables and legumes
e-mail: alondra_2091@hotmail.com
mobil phones: #9-94641873 ­ #9-88464129 ­ #9-95478210
all year
kids? : No
Another languages: English and Portuguese
Farm located at 10 minutes of Marchigüe town. We are a family with Juan (father) and Ale (mother), tita and Alondra, more
cats and dog. We love music and singing, permaculture, hartichoke and yoga. This is a 8 houses comunity 12 years old, but only
us live all year here. We want is make pemaculture design to develop this place. There are a orchard and intention of make
mopre things. We have capacity to receive till 3 wwoofers in one room into house and in tent in summer. Labours may be wáter
tank construction, compost, worm production, orchard, sow, nurseries, hens, house labours like make bread, cleaning, wood and
fire... Also we need help in joining a Healthy Food Association in our town. We have interest in to know people with interest in
Nature, Permaculture, Social jobs, to reach knowledgments and looking. To arrive, take a bus in Santiago South Terminal to
Pichilemu. The bus will delay 4 hours in to arive to Marchigüe, Stop in Marchigüe to be picked up.

-RM Región Metropolitana (Santiago and surrounding areas) 33-34
º SL. Sunny and dry during summers November to
March with temperatures between 10 to 32 ºC (50 to 89 ºF). Winter short June to Sept. with possibility of rains and
temperatures between -3 to 20 ºC (25 to 68 ºF)

0.2 GRANJA BIODINAMICA FENHUÉ. Francisco Valenzuela Schulz. 2008
Parcela 13 a, Fundo Alhué, Curacaví. RM.
3 has
Organic, biodynamic
Mobil phone: 9- 438 0771
e-mail.: agriculturabiodin@yahoo.com

All year.
Kids: no

Since 1996 we have been farming in our little farm, in Estero Puangue Valley, almost 6 km. north of Curacaví town, inside road
to Lepe, Caren and Colliguay. Weather is warm and windy in summer. In winter calm and frosty some times having to cover
the crops. The air is very good, clean and fresh at the end of afternoon. During summer nigths in the clean sky appears
constelations and planets. We are organic and biodynamic by years. We produce fruits, horchards, and cattle and chickens too.
Public transportation to Curacavi city. Farm is 6 km from Curacavi, have by taxi only. Internet in the town. Independient rustic
house offers to wwoofers. Composting and organic knowledge desirable. Variete of jobs. We need volunteers remain with us
two months or more. The wwoofer receive lodging and meals to prepare himself. We are two options availables. Option 1:
Staying 2 months or more, to woofers with knowledge in organic, or better biodynamic agriculture, in jobs with plants or animals.
If there is not previous expertise in organic-biodynamic it is better take a course. It may be in our farm too. Option 2: Staying
more than 6 months and be skilled in organic agriculture, learning and taking some responsability in the farm. To them is
offered hours at day to work and some payment too. All options need be carefully with order in his own room and the farm.
Any more information take colntact with Francisco Valenzuela Sch.

Ruta 68 Santiago-Valparaiso km. 49, Curacaví. RM.
Organic non comercial, non certified
250 hectareas
Crops: Non irrigated praires, extensive cattle breeder, fruits.
Phone mobil 9-5852884
Email: fundo.maquehua@yahoo.es
All year
Kids: welcome

A quiet farm located in the folklorical country of Curacaví valley, 50 kms west Santiago and 60 km east of Viña del Mar.
His ecology is esclerofital forestry of Coast Mountains. The farm is near of mountains and pendents with wonderfull and clean
scenaries, spring water and native fauna. Wwoofer will can help by himself-herselve upon objectives planning in common and
near his own interest and skills. Transportation is good. Lodging is in independient house. A lot of social interaction is not

0.4 CAMPO ORGANICO SANTA ANA. Anamaria Pistono 2008
Panamericana Norte km. 39, Polpaico. RM.
30 has
Organic certified
E-mail: ajpist@mi.cl
Phones: (02) 8486391 mobil #9-82304230
Crops: swtrawberries, lucerne, flowers, trees.
Months: Jun to December.
Kids: yes (1)

The farm is on the Region Metropolitana near Santa Ana de Polpaico city (north of Santiago). We are a family of three adults
and two teenagers, all of us speak english. We do not live at the farm all the time, but the wwoofer can stay there and there
with all the comfort of home. Near farm is a town with a pharmacy, police, fire station and commerce. We want people who
want to work, learn, exchange knowledge and skills in Biological Agricultura. Jobs in orchard and repairement of greenhouse.
We are starting a demostrative sector. To arrive it is possible by bus, get off at km. 39 Paramericana Norte Highway (Ruta 5
Norte). You will see a gate and then the house. Before you come, we would like to receive notice. Just now I am looking for help
in irrigation

05. GRANJA ORGANICA. Francisco José Miranda Rottmann and Carola Cristina Cadiz Valenzuela. 2008
Parcela San Joaquín, Camino Carampangue 1601, Talagante. RM.
PO Box 347 Talagante; Area Metropolitana
14 has
Organic certified with Organic Agriculture Association "Tierra Viva"
Phones: (2) 815 35 43 , mobil 9-719 23 51 .
e-mail: granjaorganicachile@gmail.com
web: www.verdurasorganicas.blogspot.com
Crops: Vegetables, grains, cattle, production and sale to national market.
Months: All year
Kids: Yes.
Another language spoken: Germany and a little bit English.

Farm located to 40 km. southwest of Santiago. We have vegetables, legums and grains crops and sell its in farm and
Santiago trought Tierra Viva Association For now, lodging is a private into house, with family. We can receive till two
wwoofer into house and anothers in tent. Jobs are in the orchard and vegetable distribution. We hope to receive wwoofers with
bricolage skills to help build a futur wwoofer´s house and an eco school. Farm is located very near of Talagante city, and near
of a lot of another cities, Santiago and beaches. Wine Way is available too. To arrive it is possible to take a minibus to
Talagante from Santiago, at the Terminal Estación Central (metro Estación Central); going off at Talagante and then take a "
taxi colectivo" to Carampangue, telling the driver your destination.

0.6 PARCELA SAN LUIS, Guillermo Yanten 2008
Los Mimbres street Nº 0169 Parcela 4, Fundo San Luis, Talagante, Región Metropolitana

0,5 has
Organic without certification
Crops: orchard´s greenhouse, raspberries, Worms..
Mobil phone: 9-0211469, 9-02090211
E-mail: guillermoyanten@yahoo.com

Residential farm located to Est side zone of Talagante city. Lodging is in one room of family house, who is with 6 peoples
and one dog. Meals are served with family. Help is required in greenhouse, worms and raspberries, and sometimes into house
jobs also. Farm is located inside Talagante city, and near of a lot of another cities, Santiago and beaches. Wine Way is
available too. To arrive it is possible to take a minibus to Talagante from Santiago, at the Terminal Estación Central (metro
Estación Central); going off at Talagante entrance in "camino San Luis". Go ahead walking to north end of camino San Luis,
when you cross the rail way go ahead to right inmediatly and you will find the entrance to farm quickly.

0.7 HUGO ALVAREZ, Chacra Antigua 2008
Av. La Palma 335, Ibacache, Maria Pinto, Melipilla, Region Metropolitana
2 has
Organic certified
E-mail: hugoalvacace@gmail.com
Mobil phone: 9-2327359
Crops: vegetables
Months: August to April (9 months at year)
Another lenguaje: English and Portuguese

Farm located in non irrigated area, inside Melipilla-Valparaiso road, it is surrounded by chaparral, forestry and prairies. In
November the natural vegetation get dry, showing a nice green valley with our ecologic crops. Lodging is in two beds into
family house´room, house is made with adobe. Meals with family, it composed by 5 peoples, with 5 dogs, 3 cats and one horse.
We hope good comunication and family environment.

0.8 APIO PALTA SA. Cristina Goyeneche 2008
El Nocedal 5637, Peñalolen, Santiago
Organic certified
Comercial bussines
E-mail: cristina@apiopaltachile.cl
Phones: 2- 3222089 mobils: #9-9479 4420 #9-66173228
web: www.apiopalta.cl
Months: March to December
Kids: no
Another languajes: English and French

Apio Palta is a companie who sell 100% organic foods in Santiago like home delivery system. We have not farm, we are organic
retailers only. We have one place to receive volunteer. Meals all organic is offered, principally vegetables and dairy products.
With us the wwoofer will may to know Santiago city places and organic consumers.

0.9 GABRIEL MAYOL F. Rosas de Malloco. 2008
Balmaceda 1160, Malloco, Region Metropolitana.
Organic certified
12 has
crops: almonds, raspberries, roses, vegetables.
phones: 2-8149010 , mobil 7-9867219
fax: 2-8149010
e-mail: gmayol@rosasdemalloco.cl
All year
kids: no

Farm located in Malloco town, 20 km. west from Santiago, in a very city environment. Near farm there are supermarkests and
rustic shops. The principal crop is almond, more raspberries, roses and other crops. Help in need in harvests, weeding and others

of farm. Lodging to talking about, it may be out or into house. The farm is near cities like Santiago, Talagante, Peñaflor, and to
1-2 hours of beaches. To arrive it is possible to take a minibus to Talagante from Santiago, at the Terminal Estación Central
(metro Estación Central); going off at "cruce Malloco" (Camino Melipilla corner Vicuña Mackenna), and walking less 100
meters to west till the farm entyrance with "donde los Mayol" writed.
0.13 GRANJA MADRE NATURALEZA. Patricia Lopez M. 2011
Quebrada de Macul 7509 Peñalolen Alto, Santiago, Region Metropolitana
3,5 has.
organic in transition
crops: fruit trees
e-mail: patts2009@gmail.com
phones: (2)2843261 , mobil #98439405
months: September to May
kids: 1
We are a organic family farm into Peñalolen area, in Santiago city, at the feet of the Andes mountains, between water channel
named Las Perdices and Tobalaba. Located to few squares of Estación Quilín metro station, and easy public transportation .
We are a family of four people, university soons, with two dogs, two cats and three loved horses. We put our stand in an organic
meeting (feria) weeckly. We have place untill two wwoofers in a single room, and in tent untill four ones. Kitchen is open
and meals are vegetarian. House family and the farm are in the same place. We need help in farm jobs, compost, permaculture,
0.14 Rodrigo Gonzalez Lazcano. Parcela Santa Loreto. 2011
Camino Los Molles km 1,2 - Carmen Bajo ­ Melipilla, Región Metropolitana

5 has
organic certificate
e-mail : rodrigogonzalezl@gmail.com
phones : 2-6015076 , mobil #76296674
months: all year less February
kids? : No
another languages: English

Farm available to all crops, plane, high fertility and with a lot of wáter. There are some buildings like storage, cold camera .
Located at 7 km. from Melipilla city, in Los Molles road km 1,2 , with public transportation all year. I am an alone people
with four dogs, and I may to receive untill 2 wwoofers at time in house. Help wanted are in farm jobs, like planting, harvest,
nursery, weed picking, and sales in shops and feria.

0.15 Centro de Acopio Agropecuario El Monte. Renato Gatica
Av. San Antonio 0390 b, El Monte, RM.
Organic in transition
11 has
crops: oranges, orchard, hens
e-mail: rgatica@caam.cl
mobil phone: #9-62466299
image: P4 Plano Medianeras Y acequias.JPG( 126904 Bytes )
months: January to May. October and November.
kids : No

We are in the confluence of Maipo and Mapocho rivers, Talagante, in Maipo valley, 50 km. south-west from Santiago. We
are a little brand new enterprise, joining in organic and hardly in hens. We are 2 people more 2 workers. Also our 3 dogs and
another neighbor ones. Lodging may be in tent or house, to agree. We hope help in organic orchard, pick weeds, harvest and
irrigation. To arrive, calling by phone to be picked up, but from Santiago you must to take a minibus to Talagante from
Santiago, at the Terminal Estación Central (metro Estación Central); going off before Mapocho river bridge.

-Region V (Región de Valparaiso). 32-33º SL (South Latitude). Long and sunny summers October to April with
temperatures falling between 10 to 32
ºC (50 to 89 ºF). A short winter June to August with possibility of rains and
temperatures between -1 to 20
ºC (30 to 68 ºF)

La Colonia Parcela N°6, Catemu, Región 5
14 hectareas.(28 acres)
Organic and associated with Organic Agriculture Association "Tierra Viva"
Crops: vegetables and fruits sold to national market.
Distribution of organic products
Phone: 34-631927
e-mail: atuczek@ctcinternet.cl

web: www.tierraviva.net
Months: All year
Another languages spoken: Germany and Englis
Farm is a few isolated, located 8 km from Catemu, 35 km from San Felipe and 120 km from Santiago. Posible house available
to stay in. Help needed with weeds, harvests and general farm jobs. Basic knowledge of orchards is desirable.

5.3 VIVERO SAN JORGE. Enrique Silva Le Fort 2008
Parcela lote 3 C, Pahiuén, Cabildo, Region 5
City address: Los Abetos 530, casa 8, Viña del Mar, Region 5.
40 has
Organic certified
Crops: Avocados nursery, blueberries, ecotourism, vegetables
Mobil phones: 9-5209358, 9-3465897
e-mail: enriquesilva7@gmail.com , info@viverosanjorge.cl
web: www.viverosanjorge.cl
Months: all year
Kids: No

Farm is into the beautiful and amazing Alicahue valley, near the Andes mountains, it has a river with and a lot of ways to
walk, like the Inca way. Help is needed to pick blueberries, weeds, building rooms and others improvements to ecotourism
houses. Lodging is in tend, there is a bathroom and showers. Meals are provided joining at the farm workers. Public
transportation from Cabildo city downtown, by "Las Porteñas" bus or "Los Conquistadores" cars. It is hoped that wwoofers
remain two months or more in farm.

5.4 ALDO VITALI. Nonna Rosa. "La Cabrería" 2008
Kilómetro 28 of F 10-G road (Santiago-Viña del Mar), Til-Til Way. Region 5.
30 has
Organic without certification
Milk, cheese and meal goat production. Compost, birds and orchards.
phone : mobil #9-93218812
e-mail: aldovitali@hotmail.com
Blog: www.tradicionalpina.blogspot.com
Months: all year
Kids: 1
Other languages : Italian

Is easy to get to the farm; it is located 1000 meters after the Quebrada de Alvarado (Alvarado´s Pendent) coming from Santiago,
this is 8 kilometres before arriving to Olmué. There are signs on concret posts 1000 meters before the farm and a big orange sign
in the parking lot. The local public transportation stops at kilometer 28. From Santiago, the Pullman bus company, can take you
to Limache city, there you have to take a taxi or local bus to the farm. Ask to the driver to stop at "quesos de cabra" (goat
cheeses). There is a rustic house to stay in, and an area to camp with open kitchen. Jobs involve mechanical milk extraction,
cleaning the wastes, sanitary and nutritional jobs with goats and other farm animals. Farm also has a orchard and farm in general.
It is important to call by phone, is not easy to get internet connection.

Parcela La Calma Sector "Los Coroneles" or "Pelumquen". Road from Quebrada de Alvarado to Olmué. Region 5.

has: 0,5
Organic without certification
Crops: avocados
Mobil phone: 9-3369707
e-mail : adricicchitti@hotmail.com adricicchitti@hotmail.com
Months: All year
Kids. No
Another lenguajes: English, French, Germany (sometimes)

Little farm located in a wanderful valley between Santiago and Valparaiso, one hour away from each city. Individual rooms,
lodging is at the farm´s house, it has 100 square meters and two bathrooms. There are avocados orchard trees getting organic,
and two dogs (pampa y ñancul). We are dedicated to farm jobs, joining a small shop of field products and landscape painting.
We hope our wwoofers can see and walk across the surrounding areas. We may talk a little bit of English, French and German,
but you would also love learning our Spanish. Natural and healthy meals served. To arrive from Santiago, you can take a bus
(Pullman Bus company) to Limache by Cuesta La Dormida, going 2 km. after "La Cabreria" (cod. 5.4 up), there you will see a
picture of a flower and the name "Almazen" on it. We receive only one wwoofer at the same time. Adriana receive the emails
and she do prefer it be in Spanish.

5.6 AGRICOLA INCA GOLD Ltda. Ismael Ami Gomberoff y Carlos Vidal 2008
Avda Eastman 4890, Olmué. Region 5.

Hectareas: 2 + 1.000 (two farms)
Organic in transition
Crops: Cuke-asaurus, melomate, avocados, many others crops.
Phones: 33-442045 / mobil 9-1584875
Fax: 33-442045
E-mail: igomberoff@aol.com
web: www. Incagoldbrand.com
Another languajes spoken: English, French, Portuguese
Months: from January 2010
Kids: No
There are two farms, one with organic avocados in Olmué city, and another 1000 has. farm in Colliguay, it has a lot of
herbs, organic land and many other crops, those ones were in extinction process. Lodging is at a hostel in Olmue city with
many bedrooms and bathrooms, it has capacity for eight people. Usually all people eat lunch togheter, normal chilean meals with
a lot of vegetables and chilean fruits are eaten. We are American citizens but the people who will receive wwoofers will be
chilean people. We love Nature. On the farm there are many pets, there is also an animal protection center. We only want to
receive wwoofers who wish to have a strong communion with other people; they have to love animals and be available to help
whenever is necessary. Arriving to Olmué city is possible ty taking a bus from Santiago (Estación Central Bus Station) or
from Viña del Mar. We need you to stay one month at least.

ECO GRANJA HOMA DE OLMUE, ECHO. Luis Valenzuela 2008
Av. Eastman 2402 paradero 11, Olmué, Region 5

Organic with internal certification
1 ha
Crops: fruits and vegetables
E-mail: ecogranjahoma@yahoo.com
Mobil phone: #9-92502816
web: www.ecogranjahoma.com/
Months: all year
Another languajes: English

ECHO is a Permanature project, hardly biodiverse with food and healthy crops, native ones like quinua included.. Agriculture
is added with meditation and vedic protocoles. We work upon nature rythmus, from sunshine to sunset, with meditation at time.
We have three small rooms availiable for 3-6 people to receive wwoofers . Is better to come with tents and sleep bags.
Vegetarian meals; vegetarian cooking will be learnt. Wwoofers have to get integrated to Permanature and Vedic Homa
Protocoles. Is possible to arrive in Olmue taking a bus from Santiago (Estación Central Bus Station) or from Viña del Mar.

5.8 CONTROL BEST CHILE. Dennis Navea. 2009
Landeta 694, Quillota, Region 5
Biologic controlers preduce company to crops.
phones: 33-269067 mobil 9-0799239
e-mail: naveadennis@gmail.com
web: www.controlbestchile.cl
Months: all year
Kids: 1
Another lenguajes: English, French, Portuguese

ControlBest Chile is the only company in the country that gives asistance to organic growers for pest control. There are
biologists, agronomists and technicians, all them work on benefic insect production and research. Quillota is a beautiful city
located in the Aconcagua valley, close to Valparaíso and some beaches. Lodging is in 3 people family´s house, open kitchen and
mediterranean meals. We are usually far of phone contacts, then may be non easy call us by phones.

5.11 CHILE TODAY Ltda. Mario Herrera 2009
Subida la Piedra s/n sector la Isla. Olmue. Region 5
organic in transition
1 ha
Crops: fabas, garlic, wheat
e-mail: chiletoday@live.cl
phones: 33-443298 mobil #9- 89463802
months: All year
kids: 1

Property located in one ha. among hills with native trees and shrubs area with a mediterranean climate. We are a little family
plus 4 dogs and a horse. The owner also has a pizzery in the town available to help in too. We have a house available to receive
5 wwoofers. Open kitchen.

5.13 Parcela 38. Daniel Silva 2009

Condell 117, La Ligua, Region 5
Organic without certification
5 hectareas
Crops: avocados, medlars
e-mail : dosilvacl@gmail.com
phone and fax : 33-714993
web: www.naturalvalley.cl
months: All year
Kids? : No
Another language: English
Little farm dedicated to production of medlars, avocados and vegetables. We are a family with pets and no children. The owner
is an agricultural engineer and he looks another 30 organic farms of sub-tropical fruits in the area, availables to interchange

5.17 Corazon de Agua, Alex Miranda 2011
Camino a Laguna Verde km. 0, Valparaiso, Region 5
0 has
Organic without certification
e-mail : reconstruccionplanetaria@hotmail.com
phone : mobil #9-78815390
all year
kids: yes

We are a 8 people comunity and our dogs. We are located in a lagoon of wetland in high place of Valparaiso. We are a tipie
and we are building our biokitchen and joining our crops. Lodging may be in tents or cabins, our meals are vegetarians. We hope
help in orchard and bioconstruction. To arrive take the public bus number 518 , 606 or 607 and to stoop in camino a Laguna
Verde (road to Laguna Verde), near of the jail.
Julio 2011 respondio Sachi, OK

5.18 Ecoescuela Vivencial "Quillota en Transición". Catalina Diaz 2011
Parcela 40 lote 11, San Isidro, Quillota. Region 5 Valparaiso.
½ ha
100% organic, biodinamic , without certification.
crops: orchard
e-mail : catalina.diaz@quillota.transicion.cl
phones : 33-317911 /, mobil #9-81893173
fax : 33-317911
months : January. April to December
kids? : no
Anothe languages: English, French, Dutch

We are a place where is learning Permaculture and Bioconstruction techniques. Here live a family of 3 and a work team. We
have orchard to provide own food and showing methods of agriculture in small places. Also we learn technologies like dry
bathroom, oven and dryers. Lodging till 2 people in a room with prívate bathroom. Help is need in bioconstruction, livestock,
orchard and tree nursery. Also the wwoofer will have opportunity of learning in our program. To arrive from Quillota city,
take a colective car picture San Isidro, stoop in parcela 40 and walking by dirt road untill house 11. In your contact write us
yours intentions and skills also.

5.19 Los Maitenes, Eugenia Acosta Olivares 2011
Maitenes, Quebradilla La Ligua, parcela 13. Region 5 de Valparaiso
1 ha
Organic certified
e-mail : bebidasrubio@hotmail.com
mobil phone : #9-98748620:
months: December to March.
kids: no
another language: English

We are a 5 people family in a farm located from 5 kilometres of La Ligua city, northern of Santiago, in a plane area. We want
help in assesment in compost, worm production, olives and nut trees, and garden of low irrigation. I ´d like to receive a
wwoofer in order to learning and to make more productive the farm.

-Region IV (Región de Coquimbo). 29-33º SL. Desertic weather all year, 12-26 ºC (55-79 ºF) and a bit colder getting
farther away into the desert land and mountains.

4.1 Parador Curantú, Turismo Rural. Isabel Margarita Coll Gaete 2010
Pje Los Nísperos s/n, Pedregal de Rapel, Monte Patria. Km.13 ruta D557. Region 4.
PO Box 422 correo Ovalle

Organic without certification
2 has
crops: mostly fruits and lucerne. Tourism.
phones : #9-97484327 53-721018
e-mail: imcollg@gmail.com
web: www.curantu.cl
months : Octobr t to March
kids: No
another languages: English

You can look us in www.curantu.cl and in Facebook: isabel margarita coll gaete and Parador Curantú, Turismo Rural. We
may receive one wwoofer. Meals done with vegetables, chicken and a lot of fruits, not red meats. We are 3 peoples who work,
myself the owner, Toño and Erica. We have pets some dogs and a lama, and chickens and rabbits to eating. The agricultural
activities are not the most important ones, our main work is in rural tourism, to the hosts enjoy the quiet and rest in our nature,
where we also desire help. We are interested in to improve our English language, and we can to help to volunter to improve his
Spanish too. Isabel wants to know to wwoofer previously by e-mails before get accept. Public transportation from Ovalle and
Monte Patria cities.

4.2 BIO INNOVA BIOTECNOLOGIA. Juliana Carvajal Arrouch 2010
Vicuña Mackenna 482, Ovalle, Region 4
organic inputs
e-mail : julianabiotecnologia@gmail.com
phones: #9-94336095 (53) 631211
crops: inputs, education
months : all year
kids : No

Company dedicated to offer and to sell organic inputs to organic growers, also to show about organic. We are a family with
children and a dog. We receice one voluntaire each time, lodging in our home and taking our meals.

4.3 Marisabel Pacheco. 2011
La Serena, Region 4
3 has.
organic en transition
crops: medicinal herbs
e-mail: aloeverach@gmail.com
mobil phone: #88693977
months: May a December, from June 2011
kids: 1

We are a family of 3 people dedicated to works our farm of 3 hectareas with medicinal herbs. We are moving on La Serena
farm, but we can to receive one or more volunteers from Jun, 2011, in a single room and to provide meals red meats free.

4.4 Sociedad Agrícola Milagros. Gastón Villa
Cerrillos de Tamaya s/n Ovalle, Region 4
organico certificate
63 has.
Crops: olives, vegetables
email: gastonvillak@yahoo.es
fono movil: #77379543
months: March to a November
kids: no

Olive organic farm with interest in get development of vegetables, grains, etc. We may to receive one wwoofer at time in our
farm house. Meals served all togheter. We are a couple (Claudia & Gastón) sin with cat and gooses. Our English is not fluent,
only basic. We want also to development buildings with natural materials of the place..

4.5 Eduardo Gomez Villaseca. Valle del Elqui 2011
Camino Alcohuaz, s/n, comuna de Paihuano, Región 4
1 ha
organic without certification

crops: frui tres and vegetables
e-mail: yayogomez@gmail.com
móvil phones #79428112 , # 93975339
image of preperty : elqui carpetas 057.jpg( 160595 Bytes )
months: March to November
kids: no
another language : English

Little one ha. farn with river, located from 13 km. of Pisco Elqui city to Alcohuaz, a little village into a wanderfull, thiny and
mistic valley. There are one house and one little house and we may to receive till two wwoofers at time. We are a little family
with dog and cat also. We hope helping in orchard jobs. In free time it is posible swimming in mountain river, beautifull
scenaries and trekking places, in the very near big mountains of valley. Public transportation from La Serena to Pisco Elqui,
and to be picked by owners. We look internet in town each one week.

4.6 Parcela 11 La Viñita. Hendrik Tschammer 2011
El Molle, Vicuña, Region 4
Organic without certification
0,5 has
Crops: fruit trees, orchard, orchideas
e-mail: tschammer@hotmail.com
phone fax; 51-211973, mobil #9-92404551
months: all year
kids: no
another languages: English, French, German.
We are a one acre farm self sustentable where we grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. We are a family without children and live
in a house where we will receive the wwoofers. There are dogs and hens. We need help in orchard and orchideas crops, and
animals. We do not accept smokers, nier tobaco (by sanity of orchideas). Near our town there are La Serena and beaches,
traditional town of Vicuña and the famous Elqui valley. To arrive, take a public transportation in La Serena, aheading Vicuña
town and stopped in El Molle. Also, we can pick up you in La Serena bus terminal or the airport.

-Region III (Región de Atacama). 26-29º SL. Sunny and desertic weather almost all year with wanderful temperatures at
its coast, 16-26
ºC (60-79 ºF) and a bit colder getting farther away into the desert land and mountains.

3.1 REFUGIO CHANGO. Felipe Romero 2009
Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno, Region 3

3 has. Organic without certification
Crops: vegetables, aloe vera, medicinal plants, worms
e-mail: refugiochango@gmail.com
mobil phone: #9-89775215
months: all year
kids: No
another lenguajes: English, French

We leave in a dome with mud solar energy supplied, in Atacama dessert coast, in front of Chañaral island. We have a lot of sun,
dessert and sea. There are beautifull and deserted beaches to knowing. Every certain years it rains and the dessert fills with
flowers in September and October. Lodging is into home, but the good climate allows to encamp all the year round. Meals served
jointly home people, based its in fish, sea fruits, fruits and vegetables. We develop alternative systems of construction with mud
and wood, also organic gardens in greenhouses and shadows. Carry your solar blockader and hat. FULL UNTILL APRIL 2011

-Region I (Región de Tarapacá). 19-21.5º SL. Sunny and extreme desertic weather all year with wanderful temperatures
at its coast, 18-28
ºC (64-83 ºF), and cold nights in desert and mountains.

1.1 INTIZEN, Manfredo Guerra 2010
parcela 10 sector kiwiland, Pica, Region 1
organic without certification
0,5 has
crops: fruits and vegetables
e-mail: manfredog@hotmail.com

mobil phone: #9-65868006
web: www.intizen.cl
months: all year
kids: No
another lenguajes: English

We are a family of 3 persons. Our farm is in the oasis of Pica, with fruit-bearing trees growing with organic managing, projected
to supply our Sanación's Center and Studies of Natural Health. There is the available one a big and comfortable mobile home. We
can receive up to two volunteers. The meals may be guided by the preference of the volunteers. Our interest is to receive
volunteers with knowledge in construction of organic gardens. Our garden is going to give supply to the center of health that we
are constructing now. Iquique is the nearest city, located to 1,5 hours in bus. Pica is an oasis with termal spring, mangoes trees,
and the big tamarugo´s forest near. Near Pica also join the altiplano road, and there are a lot of nice and interesting sites to
know, like petroglifes, dinosaurio´s holes, historyc salitre industries, etc.

To make phone calls in Chile

Example, for calling to mobil phone number 8xxxzzzz :
- from mobil to mobil : 8xxxzzzz
- from house phone to mobil : 09 8xxxzzzz
- from foreign countrie to mobil : 56 09 8xxxzzzz

Example, for calling to house phone number xxxxzzz :
- from house phone to house phone into city: xxxxzzz
from mobil to house phone :0(city code)xxxxzzz
- from house phone to house phone out city :(carrier)(city code)xxxzzzz

carriers are 111, 123, 155, 188, and a lot of another ones.

Public phones are similar to house phones

- WWOOFERS must be right and honest on arriving on time in the farm with agreement made, please be carefull on it.
If you agree in arriving to any farm and after doing so you desist, it causes annoy and dimished aim of the hosting farm
in receiving more wwoofers again.


- Hostal in Santiago offers lower prices to wwoofers:
Santa Lucía 168, Santiago, phone (2) 664 8478

- Places in Valparaiso to stay i n:

COMUNIDAD WALIQUI VALPARAISO. Sachi Priya Das. Fundo Quebrada Verde, Camino El Criquet parcelas 35,
36 y 37, Valparaíso, Region 5
mobil phone: #9-78815390 e-mail: reconstruccionplanetaria@hotmail.com web: www.casawaliqui.blogspot.com
We are a social autonomic project and we recover public places. Also we sow 2 acres in organic techniches. Also we
rescue origin cultures. We have 3 cabins and availability till 4 guests. Vegetarian foods eat all togheter. We have bikes
and equipment of escalation. Charge informed USD10/day.

- FINCA ECOLOGICA EKACHAKRA . Carlo Canivilo. Alameda Santa Rosa parcela 11, Catemu, Valparaíso,
Region 5. mobil phone #9-94402026 , e-mail : mv_das@hotmail.com
Santiago take a bus to Catemu city, there call us to pick you. WE ARE INTERESTED IN PRESERVING SEEDS, WE
Charge informed: USD25/day